Ankh Painted

Ankh Painted

Welcome to the fascinating world of Egyptian art. Here, you'll learn all about the ancient Egyptians and their fascinating culture.

You'll also learn about the different types of art that was created in Ancient Egypt, and how it was used to depict the gods and goddesses of the religion.

Egyptian cross red painting

What is the Ankh Cross ? 

Known as the "key of life," the ankh was venerated by the gods and used by pharaohs to guarantee their immortality after death. Often depicted as a feather drenched in blood, the ankh could represented the sun disc and was a potent symbol of power and life.

Ancient Egyptians were some of the most accomplished and renowned artisans in the world. Their paintings, sculptures, and hieroglyphics are still admired and studied today. 

One of the most popular forms of art in Ancient Egypt was the tomb. Todays, tombs are often seen as beautiful tourist destinations, but back in the day, they were used to bury the dead. 

Egyptian ankh crosses were often depicted in tombs and other funerary scenes, and were used as symbols of the afterlife. They were also used as amulets and protection against the evil eye. If you're interested in learning more about ancient Egyptian culture, be sure to check out our other blog posts on hieroglyphics and Egyptian art.


In ancient egypt, the ankh cross was a powerful symbol of life and death. Representing the link between the living and the dead, this beautiful artifact was often carved into temple walls and tomb chapels.

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Why paint an Ankh Cross ? 

If you're looking to add some ancient egyptian flair to your home, you'll want to learn how to paint an egyptian ankh cross. This ancient symbol is often depicted in art and symbolism associated with the gods and goddesses of ancient egypt, and can be used to decorate any room in your home.

There's something about the ankh that just screams out "Egyptian art." The cross-like shape is iconic of ancient Egyptian culture, and is found all over the country in temples, tombs, and other art. 

Today, the ankh cross is still a popular artifact for artists and collectors, and can be found in many different styles and colors. Whether you're a fan of ancient egyptian culture or just want to add a little bit of beauty to your life, the ankh cross is a perfect choice.

How to Paint an Egyptian Ankh Cross

To create this cross, you'll need some paint, a brush, and some paper.

First, we'll start with the background. To create the illusion of depth, we'll use a light background with some shadows. To create the cross-bar, we'll use a light and a dark color. The cross itself will be made from two darker colors. You can use any color you like, but yellow is often used to represent the sun and black is often used to represent the night.

Ankh Painting

Next, paint the base of the ankh in a light color. After this, start the main body of the ankh. Start with the light color and paint the top of the ankh. Next, paint the bottom of the ankh. and then paint the crossbar. Finally, paint the two darker colors to the sides of the ankh.

Now, add the outline of the cross in a darker color. Make sure to follow the curve of the ankh, and make the cross as detailed as you want. Finally, add the five circles that make up the ankh. 

Now, we'll add the details. Paint the feathers on the ankh using a light color. Then, paint the beetle using a darker color. Finally, add the details to the background using a light color.

You're finished! 

Other tips 

  • Prepare your canvas by painting a thin layer of white paint on the back. Once your paint is dry, begin painting your ankh cross in a dark color.
  • Be sure to use thick layers of paint to achieve the desired effect. Once your cross is complete, add some highlights and details to bring out the details in the design. Finally, add a final coat of color to finish the painting.
  • Once you've finished painting the ankh, you can put it up on the wall where you want it. You can also use it as a centerpiece for a table, or use it to add some ancient egyptian flair to any room in your home.
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Other Facts about the Egyptian World

  • The ancient Egyptians were a very religious people, and their religion was based on the belief in a pantheon of gods and goddesses. 
  • Ancient Egyptians believed that the afterlife was a place of great rewards and punishments, and they decorated their tombs with art to represent that belief.
  • The most famous artifacts from ancient Egyptian tombs are the pyramids, which are giant structures built of massive blocks of stone. The largest of these pyramids is the Great Pyramid of Giza, which is over 4,500 feet long and more than 2,500 feet high.
  • The Egyptians also carved beautiful hieroglyphs into the stone walls of their tombs, which are a form of writing that is still used today. Pharaohs were believed to be the incarnations of the gods, and they were often buried in pyramids that were built in honor of their divine nature.

Egyptian Art Modern Painting Artwork by artist Xinocat

Double Head Egyptian God

Winged Ankh With Humanoid god form 

Winged Ankh with Humanoid God Form

Egyptian God Mummified Paint

Egyptian God Painting

Dream of Nefertiti as Egyptian Architecture Goddess

 Egyptian Goddess

Egyptian god without head 

Egyptian God Paint

Golden Egyptian pharaoh power scene

Golden Egyptian pharaoh power scene

Golden Egyptian Cross Ankh with Arms giving life

Golden Egyptian Cross Ankh with Arms
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