Can a catholic wear an ankh

Can a catholic wear an ankh

The answer is clear: yes. Indeed, the Ankh Cross is exactly similar to the Coptic Cross in its form. The only question for the Christian who wears this cross is: what does it mean to me ? And would wearing the ankh cross, as part of black culture, be cultural appropriation? 

Although Catholics are considered heretics and idolaters by Protestants because they possess religious objects and pray to the Virgin Mary (often referred to Isis, the Mother Goddess of Ancient Egypt, who gave birth to the God Horus without the Phallus of Osiris) ), Christians remain, from near or far, partially inspired by the Solar Religion of Ancient Egypt, reformed by the Pharaoh Akhenaten.

Certainly, from the Old Testament, the Torah, we can feel a certain form of resentment when reading certain passages concerning the diabolical representation of Pharaoh, even if, however, we must keep in mind that Jesus himself was sheltered in Egypt during the Genocide of King Herod, and that Christ never let any feeling of malice towards the Egyptians show through in his words.

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Do Catholics wear jewelry ? 

It’s common for Catholics to wear certain types of jewelry. In fact, the wearing of some types of jewelry is encouraged if they don’t have pagan or other imitations.

It is not common, but there are some Catholics who do wear amulets and other similar charms as a sign of faith. These charms can be worn by both men and women, though it is usually left to women to wear them.

Are amulets allowed for Catholics?

Some Catholics may choose to wear charms, such as ankh charms, rosary beads, and other similar items. These are not worn as a means of invoking Jesus or as a way of practicing magic. They are not meant to replace the catechism or the rosary.

Rather, they are ways of expressing faith and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the saints, and other Catholic concepts. While there is nothing wrong with wearing Catholic amulets, they are not required and are largely worn as a sign of devotion to the saints and other figures in Catholic mythology.

As such, they are not a replacement for a rosary or a daily prayer life. They can be beneficial to those who wear them, but they are still not required.

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Rosary beads

Rosary beads are relatively common, as they are meant to be worn as a necklace. These beads are usually made of wood, clay, plastic, or some other material. They come in many different colors and designs.

Typically, there are a set number of beads on a necklace, usually 10 or more. There is a set prayer that accompanies the beads, usually the Our Father, Hail Mary, and the Apostles’ Creed.

Catholics usually wear the rosary as part of a daily prayer life and as part of a daily devotion to Mary, the saints, and other figures. 

St. Benedict medal

The medal of St. Benedict is meant to be worn as a medal on a chain or a necklace. It is meant to be worn as a medal of honor, but it may also be worn as a pendant.

There are different variations of the St. Benedict medal, but it is meant to be a symbol of the devotion to St. Benedict. He is a saint who is highly regarded in Catholic lore.

The medal is a circular disc made of silver or another precious metal. The disc has the image of St. Benedict on it, and on the other side of the disc is the prayer “Ad mensam Benedictus,” which translates to “At the table of St. Benedict.”


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Cross pendant

Crosses are a popular Catholic symbol that can be found hanging from necklaces, bracelets, and other types of accessories.

There are many types of crosses, including a crucifix, a cross with the image of Jesus, a wood cross, and so on.

Crosses are meant to be worn as a symbol of faith, especially for Catholics who are trying to embrace a fully monastic lifestyle.


Crucifixes are often worn around the neck, with the ends being attached to a chain or a cord. Crucifixes come in a variety of forms, but the most popular types are the small crucifix that is hung around the neck and the large crucifix that is placed over a bed or a doorway.  

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Church key and chain

Catholics wear church keys as a symbol of being in service to the church. The key is meant to represent the authority that the church has over the home, which is the very basis of Catholic belief.

Most churches will give you a key if you ask nicely, and this key is hung from a chain around the wrist.


St. Christopher medal

St. Christopher medals are a very popular Catholic charm. They are meant to be worn as a charm of protection and good health.

The medal is a circular disc made of copper or silver. On the front of the disc is the image of Christopher, and on the back is the prayer “Ad salutem Christophori,” which translates to “To the health of Christ.”



Catholicism is a faith that encourages its followers to wear jewelry, including amulets, rosary beads, and other charms. In addition, Catholics are encouraged to wear church keys and keys of authority as a symbol of the church’s authority.

Finally, Catholics are encouraged to wear the medal of St. Christopher as a charm of protection and good health.

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