How to activate the ankh

How to activate the ankh

Prayers to activate the power of the Ankh cross

The Christian way

For Christians, the most suitable psalm for activating the powers of the ankh is Psalm 23, which invites the spirit into peace and eternity.

Psalm 23:

"The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life:

and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever."

This psalm is often used for comfort, protection, and guidance. In the context of activating the Ankh Cross power, it can be recited with the intention of invoking divine protection, strength, and connection to the spiritual realm symbolized by the Ankh.

The Kemitic way

You can also activate the power of the ankh by using an Egyptian prayer

Here's an example of an Egyptian-inspired psalm:

Psalm of the Sun God:

"O Ra, great and mighty Sun God,
Who rises in splendor each day,
I praise your radiant light that fills the heavens,
And your warmth that brings life to all.

As you journey across the sky,
Guiding the souls of the departed,
I call upon your eternal power,
To illuminate my path and protect my soul.

O Ra, ruler of the heavens and the earth,
Grant me strength and wisdom,
As I walk in the footsteps of the ancients,
And uphold the sacred traditions of our land.

May your divine presence surround me,
Like the golden rays of the morning sun,
And may I find peace and prosperity,
In your eternal embrace, forevermore." 

Energy activation of the ankh 

Kemetic Conception of Heaven And Earth existed since the beginning of time.

The ankh is the key to activate the power of the universe 

The ankh represents the union between heaven and earth, and it represents the union between male and female.  The ankh represents the union between all gods, goddesses, spirits, angels, demons and all other entities that exist in this universe. This is why you will find many depictions of gods and godesses holding an ankh in their hand or wearing it as a necklace. 

‍The ankh is an ancient Egyptian symbol that represents the soul of a person. It is also known as the eternal life key (or key of life), the two-pointed star, or the double-headed phoenix. The Ankh is used to activate certain powers in people and animals. To get started with activating the ankh, you first need to understand its meaning. The Ankh is actually two glyphs joined together: it’s a cross combination! So how do you know if one is for you rather than another?

Today, the ancient Egyptians include many of their religious beliefs and practices in one fell swoop. The pharaohs were the religious rulers of Egypt for over a thousand years. As such, they left behind numerous monuments that tell the story of their reign and its meaning.

To this day, the people of Egypt visit these kings’ tombs to invoke them for political reasons or to read hidden messages in the inscriptions found on walls or ceilings. But even though there are numerous mentions of the egyptian ankh cross in various sources, we have only scratched the surface here! This article will discuss several ways you can activate the egyptian ankh cross so that you eternal life (or death)eeeeeep!


The egyptian ankh cross can transform from a symbol of kingship to a form of protection against the elements.

One of the ways the egyptian ankh cross transforms from being a sign of kingship to being a protection against the elements is by turning into a river. The Egyptians believed that when the sun dies, it is transformed into the Nile, which flows through the desert to join the MediterraneanSea.

The Nile has come to be known as the" Supporting River ." The opposite is the case, however, if one takes a look at the river's direction. If the sun were to travel across the desert, the Nile would follow.

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How to activate the egyptian ankh cross

There are two different ways to activate the ankh:

  • The first way is to use the image of the ankh on the floor, or on a piece of paper :
  • The second way is to use a pen and draw a cross on your own body.
  • You can do this for about one hour, but you need to do it for about five days before you can continue.
  • To keep your ankh from falling apart, keep it in a dark place so that it doesn't get lighted up by the sun.


The ankh could bring about any of our desires. In Egyptian mythology, the ankh was a symbol of the Great Goddess and represented the power of the gods. The ankh also symbolized fertility and has been used as a talisman for fertility. This is why it was so important to have a good relationship with your parents. When you are old enough, you will receive messages from your ancestors in this way.

Many people believe that if you have a connection with your ancestors or ancestors reincarnated as a person who can help you then that person will bring about all your wishes and wishes will come true.

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However, this is not always true. For example, my mother told me she had two children who were based on her maternal ancestors (one male, one female). I believe that this is because my maternal ancestors were more powerful than mine and could grant my wishes and would bring about any wish I wished for them to grant me or for them to grant me any wish I wished for them to grant me… therefore it is important to communicate with your ancestors at least once in your lifetime because otherwise, they cannot help you if they do not know what you want!

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It could also create love or marriage between two people, for example, if you wanted to have your partner married to you in your lifetime. You can also use it as a token of love from your partner or from another relationship that you're in. It's also very useful for those who want to change their life into something better than what it currently is - either through magic or prayer.

The egyptian ankh cross gives you premonitions and protects against evil spirits.

Still, there are ways to get rid of the egyptian ankh cross before it gives you sermons about the future. The most obvious way to get rid of the egyptian ankh cross is to leave it where it is. Weakening the ego is the root of all good and preventive measures. The more you relax and let go of your "I", the more stable the universe will be. This does not mean that you will be stable and unmoving all by yourself. Rather, you will be looking after your own interests, protecting yourself and your family, and trying to avoid the pitfalls that might otherwise befall.


The Ankh symbol is a symbol of power. The symbol is a visual representation of the soul, and it has the power to take over. The physical body is the only thing that it can control. It has a soul which contains all of our desires, fears, and desires. It also has the power to make love and marriage benefit us. We divide the ankh into three parts: the upper part, the middle part, and the lower part. These three parts represent our 3 bodies: male, female, and spirit (which is what we are). The upper part represents the male body. The middle part is the female body, and the lower part is the spirit. A cross, which symbolizes a marriage between the male and female soul, connects the three bodies.


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The Ankh is symbolic of our soul, but not necessarily our soul itself; it's only known as "the ankh". It is nothing more than a symbol of power and will because it can change anything that happens in our lives; we just need to understand its meaning (and find out how). There are many meanings to this symbol:

  • It symbolizes the power of love
  • It symbolizes the power of blood, as it is a symbol of life and fertility.
  • It can be used as a talisman or weapon - when you use a magic symbol, it is said that it's a weapon that will help you defend yourself from evil spirits or evil things.
  • It is also used to show that we are connected to our ancestors and in some cases, even to the spirits who have passed on to us through their ancestors. This can be used in your own family history or if you want to find out more about your ancestors. When using this symbol you can also make an inscription of your name on it so that they can recognize you when they see it. 

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  • E.F.

    The use of symbols such as the ankh, which is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol often interpreted as representing life or eternity, in spiritual or religious practices is often a personal decision. This can depend on your beliefs and the traditions you follow. If the belief system or practice you follow places importance on the ankh as a conduit to connect with your ancestors, then using an ankh could be beneficial for you.

    As for the material of the ankh, it’s not usually the material that holds the significance, but rather the symbol itself and the intent behind its use. Some people might argue that certain materials (like natural ones) hold more power or energy, but that’s a subjective belief and not universally agreed upon.

    So, if a plastic ankh is what’s available to you, and you approach its use with respect and sincerity, there’s no inherent reason it couldn’t serve as a tool for your connection to your ancestors. Remember, the most crucial part of any spiritual or religious practice is your personal belief, intention, and sincerity. Always ensure that your practices are respectful and mindful of the cultures they originate from.

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    I need to know if it ok to use a plastic ankh to connect with my ancestors.

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