What shape does an ankh have ?

What shape does an ankh have ?

What is the shape of the Egyptian Ankh cross ? 

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An ankh is a ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol that represents the concept of eternal life. Some Ancient Egyptians used the Ankh to activate some esoteric manifestations.  It has the shape of a cross with a loop at the top, like this:

/        \
/           \
\           /
\__ __/






The ankh is a cross with a loop at the top. The loop represents the sun and the cross represents the horizon, so the ankh is often interpreted as a symbol of the sun rising above the horizon.

In ancient Egyptian art, the ankh is often depicted being held by the gods and pharaohs, and it was also used as a symbol in funerary rites, where it was believed to provide the deceased with eternal life in the afterlife.

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The ankh is a central element in ancient Egyptian religion and mythology, and it is still a popular symbol today, particularly in the context of spirituality and alternative belief systems.

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