Sterling silver earring with wings of isis I Ankh Cross

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Discover these magnificent silver earrings, representing the goddess Isis with her wings spread.

Isis is a mythical queen and funerary goddess of ancient Egypt. Isis is one of the most popular goddesses in the Egyptian pantheon.

Cunning, great magician and exemplary wife, loving mother, she raises her son Horus and protects him from the onslaught of Set.

These earrings symbolise protection, Iris symbolises a protective goddess. Indeed, on many figures of the time, she is represented with two large wings under her arms, to protect her son, Horus.

key features :

  • The material of these earrings is high-quality stainless steel, which does not dull or rust easily. In addition, it is easy to restore its shiny appearance by wiping it with a cloth.
  • Isis is the "Great Mother", the embodiment of the creative power to which the Earth and all living things owe their existence. Isis is worshipped as the Universal and Comforting Mother, and becomes the most popular goddess in Egypt, where her cult takes on considerable importance.
  • These earrings are very light and pleasant to wear,
  • Ideal to wear for a party.