Egyptian Earrings | Eye of Horus Collection

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Express yourself for less! Introducing the all-time favorite vintage Eye of Horus Earrings in exceptionally low price while it meets the high standard of quality. What’s more, it comes in 26 designs to match the wearer’s overall attire.

These trendy glass domed stud earrings feature the Anubis third eye, which has the power to protect the wearer from all types of evil vibes. Wait no more, and open up your third eye within a budget!


Key Features 

  • 26 stud designs in both silver and bronze: There is a variety of Egyptian Ankh Third Eye Pattern available to meet every one’s taste of design.

  • Unisex design: All patterns are uniquely designed which can be worn by both men and women.

  • Makes an excellent gift item: The Horus third eye stud earrings is an excellent choice to gift your loved one on any upcoming occasion.

  • Excellent quality in a budget: When it comes to quality, you get more than you pay!

  • Protector yet trendy: Ward off evil while looking stylish!