Anubis God Ring | Golden Wolf

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Introducing one of a kind Boho Statement Ring portraying the head of the Ancient Egyptian God Anubis.

What’s more, the jackal head includes an ankh cross or the symbol of life.

The ankh was an Egyptian symbol of life after death or rather eternal life known as “Nem Ankh”. In other words, let the Ankh ring give you a spiritual rebirth!


Key Features 

  • Daily wear material: The ring is made from high quality steel material, which will not become dull or rust easily. Plus, it is easy to bring back the shine by a wipe of cloth.

  • Excellent and delicate design: The head of Anubis has intricate details making the ring exceptionally beautiful and attractive.

  • Perfect for everyone: The punk wolf head ring can be worn by both male and female.

  • Best fit for every occasion: Whether it’s a birthday or anniversary, this is an ideal gift to make a close one glee with joy!

  • Option of sizes: The boho statement ring comes in a variety of sizes ranging from size 7 to size 13.