Egyptian Gods

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Anubis was the ancient Egyptian god of mummification or afterlife. The god was considered to accompany the dead and protect them from harm. It is represented as a figure of a man with a head of a jackal having pointed ears. The black color symbolizes the decay of the body as well as the fertile soil of the Nile River Valley, which represented regeneration and life. Although the Anubis was regarded as a protector of the dead but in the modern 20th centuries it is portrayed negatively and evil in movies, video games, and tv shows.

What do we provide?

The Anubis design is rare but yet more beautiful. Not only popular among wearings but also available in best decoration pieces. We provide Egyptian Anubis statues, Anubis god rings, Anubis figurine or sphinx, pendants, wine bottle holders, and many more.

Egyptian Anubis statue:

Egyptian Anubis statue is must buy product for the people fond of history or who have liking for the antiques to decorate their tables and shelves. This not only takes you back to the rich Egyptian history but also provides a sublime look to your interior.

Key features:

  • Made of high-quality copper, and very resistant.
  • Size: width : 0.78 inch x height : 2.3 inch x length : 1.18 inch x weight 70g
  • Chinese statue Anubis, the funerary god of ancient Egypt and master of necropolises, and protector of embalmers will sublimate your interior, and bring a lot of charm.

It is surely a perfect gift for the offices of your business partners or friends!

Anubis God Egyptian Rings:

People wear rings often for their good fortune or to complement their personality. Just like that people wear Anubis god rings for their better luck and fortune. The Anubis God Egyptian rings are beautiful in their looks. Some only have the Anubis head designed finely while others have a full Anubis god figure and head on a base of platinum or gold. The base plate is usually studded with stones and pearls. The colors suit every complexion.

Key features:

  • Skin-friendly, non-toxic, odorless, anti-allergy, wear-resistant titanium steel.
  • Fine and smooth texture, delicate design, high wear resistance.
  • Perfect gift for a birthday, a festival, ideal for a party, everyday life.
  • Ring Size: Width: 0.98" inch, Weight:0.013kg.

Anubis sphinx/figurine and wine holders:

Anubis sphinx or figurine is used for the table decor or the cars' dashboards. The figurines are usually designed in black colored body of the Anubis and the costume is of golden or silver color with colorful stripes. The sparkling costume makes the look of the Anubis more prominent and elegant. It is a highly noticeable piece for people.

People who are using the orthodox vertical wine bottle holders should stop using them anymore because we bring you the most unique Egyptian product, the Anubis wine bottle holder. The bottle is half tilted on the Anubis back which makes it so different from the ordinary bottle holders.

Key feature:

  • Made of high-quality resin, and very resistant.
  • Size:
  1. Anubis: about 6X9X20CM(L*W*H)
  2. Egyptian Goddess: about 6.5X10X20CM(L*W*H)
  3. Sphinx: about 6.5X13.5X11CM(L*W*H)
  4. Bottle holder: 5 x 8 inch
  • This bottle holder is manufactured, polished, and colored by hand.

Anubis Egyptian pendants:

They are available in gold color and material. The Egyptian pendant is studded with rhinestones and pearls. The Anubis with rhinestones and pearls altogether gives a different look. The gold used is pure, and the rhinestones never lose the spark.