Egyptian Snake Wrap Around Bracelet | Menacing Boa

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Wrap your wrist with a touch of Divine Pharaoh fashion. The Egyptian Snake Wrap Around Bracelet | Menacing Boa is an elegant way to make your daily look really standout.

Snakes in ancient Egyptian times were both feared and revered at the same time. They're symbolic of how Egyptian ancestors dressed and punished those who betrayed them.

Now you get to walk around town with a piece of history, power, and menacing fashion that is sure to spark conversation when out and about!


- Width: 2.6in

-Length: 5.4in

Key Features

  • Made with a premium vintage alloy silver
  • Comes in a shimmering silver color tone
  • Adjustable size that can fit anyone
  • Makes a great gift for a friend or loved one passionate about Egyptian culture

Make your wrist fashion standout with our Egyptian Snake Wrap Around Bracelet | Menacing Boa and order yours online today!