Egyptian Snake Adjustable Necklace Bracelet | Devils Viper

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Channel your most ancient look in modern flair. The Devils Viper Adjustable Necklace Pendant is decked out in shimmering alloy with sparkling rhinestones that make it a true Egyptian gem.

You can adjust the Devils Viper to be an extended necklace, wrap-around bracelet, or a belt-like waistband you'll be turning heads in all-day

What makes this elegant piece so handy is that you can connect the Vipers head to any part of the necklace for an adequate length that's suitable to you. 


- Width: 0.5in

- Length: 37.4in

Key Features

  • Available in black, gold, and silver
  • Made with premium alloy metal 
  • Decked out in luscious shimmering rhinestones 
  • Fully adjustable necklace you can wear as a bracelet or belt

Level up your look with the Egyptian Snake Adjustable Necklace Bracelet | Devils Viper and order yours online today!