Egyptian Snake Copper Emerald Earrings | Horus

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Make your burning passion for Egyptian culture and history known in our Copper Emerald Earrings | Horus!

These elegant Egyptian Snake Earrings present a cultured sense of fashion with modern details that really make it shine. They're made with premium copper metal and embedded with a green natural stone to represent a sense of authority and grace.

The snake earrings are shaped like a classic Cobra which was feared and respected for its power and tenacity.

Key Features

  • Made with premium copper metal 
  • Comes in a gold plated finish and embedded with a natural green stone
  • Studded with several rhinestones for extra flair
  • King Cobra shaped earrings that provoke a sense of power

Dress your ears with our Egyptian Snake Copper Emerald Earrings | Horus and order yours online today!