Statue of the god Horus I Egyptian Statue

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Here is a magnificent statue of Horus, which will decorate your living room, bars, and offices.

Horus is the son of Osiris and Isis, the divine child of the sacred triad. He is one of the many gods associated with the falcon. His name means "he who is above" and also "he who is far away".

The falcon has been worshipped since ancient times as a cosmic deity. Its body represented the sky and its eyes the sun and the moon. Horus is depicted as a falcon wearing a crown with a cobra or the double crown of Egypt.

His function is to protect the person from danger, place him in your home.

Key features

  • It is a high-quality decoration: This sculpture is hand made with resin. It has texture and durability above the average of statues.
  • This museum quality collection is an excellent gift, for a relative, or a friend for example.
  • The bracelet symbolizes life, and immortal existence.
  • Size: Length 2.9 inches * Width 4.7 inches * Height 13 inches.