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Walk around with an empowering sense of fashion wearing our Egyptian Necklace Pyramid Horus | Unity Kingdom.

If you were looking for the perfect piece of jewelry to represent your undying love and passion for Egyptian fashion, then you can't go wrong with the Eye of Horus.

Decorating the pyramid is a rhinestone-studded hieroglyph of the Eye of Horus which is certain to bring you a new sense of living and unity within yourself.

It's made of premium copper metal that's ultra-durable and guaranteed to make heads turn wherever you go. This pendant was crafted by hand which only adds to its authentic charm as talented artisans worked hours diligently on each piece.

You can see by the amazing detail of this piece how much work and time went into it. So make the day worth it when you head out the door and embody the spirit of Egypt when wearing this rich piece.


- 1.57in x 1.18in

Key Features

  • Made with premium copper metal material
  • Elegant hieroglyph of the Eye of Horus
  • Creates a luxurious sense of fashion that looks good with anything
  • Great gift for any friend or loved one passionate about Egyptian history

Make a fashion statement with our Egyptian Necklace Pyramid Horus | Unity Kingdom and order yours online today! 

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