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GuitCherish your blessings when wearing our Egyptian Necklace Decadent Pendant | Royal Power. This ancient Egyptian inspired necklace features an elegant Eye of Horus pendant that glimmers and shines like the sun god himself.

The Eye of Horus is infamous for its symbolic representation of royal power and good health which you can now carry with you throughout the day!

You have the option of gold, black, and silver-plated necklaces, each provoking a sense of empowerment you'll feel from the first day wearing it.

Key Features

  • Made with genuine solid steel metal
  • Available in gold, black, and silver
  • Comes with both the chain and pendant
  • Pendant is the Eye of Horus 

Make your daily fashion pop with our Egyptian Necklace Decadent Pendant | Royal Power and order yours online today!



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