eye of horus I Egyptian statue

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This wonderful Eye of Horus figure symbolises healing, protection, and happiness, it will blend perfectly with your home decor.

It has a sacred meaning and represents the sanctuary of the gods.
Made of stone powder mixed with resin, handcrafted in limited quantities, combining engraving and oil painting techniques to create beautiful works of art.

The eye of horus, also known as the Wadjet, symbolises the battle against his uncle Seth. During this battle, Horus lost his eye.

Because of its powerful protective powers, the Eye of Horus is commonly used by the ancient Egyptians, both living and dead, as an amulet.

Key feature :

  • Made of resin, it is very resistant to most shocks.
  • Its beautiful appearance is suitable for decorating your interior, such as a bedroom, living room, office, etc.
  • Size: 15 x 4.1 x 15 cm
  • It is the ideal gift for your friends, family or yourself.
  • Let yourself be tempted by these magnificent statues, to give elegance to your interior.