Triangular earring eye of Horus I Egyptian earring

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These beautiful triangular earrings represent the eye of Horus.

The eye of Horus, also known as the Wadjet, symbolizes the battle against his uncle Seth. During this battle, Horus lost his eye. The eye of Horus is the symbol of protection and it is also the 6th chakra, intuition. If you are passionate about the history of Egypt and its past you will love these elegant earrings.

Because of its mighty protective powers, the Eye of Horus is commonly used by the ancient Egyptians, both living and dead, as amulets.

The Eye of Horus will offer you protection, health, and rejuvenation. It will seduce all the greatest enthusiasts of Ancient Egypt and its mythical symbols.

Key feature :

  • Perfect to bring an Egyptian style to your outfit.
  • Made of steel metal
  • Available in two colors, silver, and gold, to perfectly match your outfit.
  • Material for everyday use: The earrings are made of high-quality steel material, which does not dull or rusts easily. In addition, it is easy to restore its shine by wiping it with a cloth.
  • Ideal for a gift or to treat yourself!



Brand:100% Brand New and High Quality

Material: copper

Color Options: Gold,fashion

Occasion: Wedding, Party, Birthday, Sea Travel, Shopping.

Gender: Women earrings, men earrings, unisex earrings