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Elegant yet Scientific Egyptian Storm Glass pyramid will definitely awe your guests. The chemical glass or the storm glass predicts the weather by changing the state of crystallization within the liquid inside the perfectly shaped pyramid with a size choice of 5 inches or 6 inches. Not only does it give the impression of a well-educated family, it reveals the sophisticated taste of interior designing.

Key Features

  • Quality material: The Egyptian Pyramid is made from the finest of crystal glass material, which makes the home decoration pleasing to the eyes.

  • Choice of size: There is an option of two sizes, 5 inches or 6 inches, to meet the buyers need.

  • Unique and stylish shape: The pyramid shape of the home decoration symbolizes hierarchy. It signifies power, wealth, and the high status in the society.

  • Give a memorable gift: Whether it’s Christmas or a wedding gift, the crystal glass pyramid can be the perfect choice!

  • A great Vastu Shastra correction tool: It is believed that crystal and pyramid shaped items radiate strong positive energy in their surroundings. Hence, it is believed that a home decoration made from crystal material in the shape of a pyramid will bring out positive influential vibes.