Egyptian Snake Women's Earrings | Cobra Abyss

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Embellish your daily fashion look with the Egyptian Snake Women's Earrings | Cobra Abyss. This pair of fierce cobra earrings feature a decadent shine and shimmer that's noticeable miles away.

You'll be walking around with a grand sense of luxury that would make Cleopatra herself mighty proud. The earrings are made of solid gold plated and platinum material that makes bold statements that never go unnoticed.

Pick from either the gold or platinum plated snake earrings and you'll be walking out the door as confident as ever!

Key Features

  • Available in both platinum and gold plated options
  • Divine cobra snake design
  • Made with premium alloy material 
  • Adds an elegant divine look to your daily fashion

Level up your daily fashion with our Egyptian Snake Women's Earrings | Cobra Abyss and order yours online today!