The bracelet of life I Egyptian Bracelet

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This beautiful bracelet will please you if you like the mythical symbols of ancient Egypt.

This beautiful bracelet has a cross ankle called the ânkh, and it means cross of life. The Egyptians used this cross to symbolize life, as they believed that their stay on earth was only part of a greater eternal life. The cross also symbolizes immortal existence in the afterlife.

When the cross is made of gold, it is associated with the South, and in shiny silver corresponds to life on Earth. The oval shape similar to the sign of infinity could symbolize the eternity of living deities, and the cross that emerges from it is a symbol of continuation and extension.

Key features :

  • It will enhance your wrist with its slim and elegant design.
  • The bracelet symbolizes life, and immortal existence.
  • The size of the bracelet is 1.96inch in diameter, and the cross is 0.78inch wide.
  • It is a very light jewel, and very pleasant to wear.
  • It is available in three colors, silver, gold, and rose.