Bastet Godess Earrings | Protective Cats

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Now, cat lovers can show off their love for cats with these gorgeous pair of ethnic Egyptian Bastet earrings. These Jewelry cat-shaped earrings are the perfect choice to look stunning from the rest of the crowd. Add these pair of earrings as a Wow Factor with any elegant dress. Grab yours right now!

Why buy these earrings?

  • Lightweight dangling style: This pair of earrings are surprisingly very light and easy to wear. To clear things out, the dangle measures: 2.5cm x 1.3 cm (1 “x0.51 “).

  • Anti-tarnish material: With no compromise of the quality of the material, we have covered the earrings with sliver. Hence, with proper care, these earrings can last up to 20 years!

  • A neutral color to match all your outfits: The Ancient Bastet Cat earrings are available in vintage silver color.

  • Make eyes turn towards you: Since the design of the earrings represents Cleopatra’s cat, many will gaze at your earrings to recall the Ancient Egyptian’s beliefs of cats. Hence, wear the earrings with confidence and stand out from the crowd!

  • A must-have for lovers: Not only do cat lovers want to own a cat, but they also want to show their affection for cats through accessories. Seize the opportunity to add to your collection!