Egyptian Necklace Pharaoh Pendant | God Amon

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Introduce a touch of ancient Egyptian fashion to your daily style with our Egyptian Necklace Pharaoh Pendant | God Amon!

This gold and silver-plated pendant features a deity design of Amon, Egyptian God of Sun and Air, for an empowering bold look that goes great with anything.

The trimming of the pendant is detailed with sparkling rhinestones all around to display your taste in luxury. Pick from either the gold or silver plated option and walk around proudly showing your affinity for Egyptian history.  

Key Features

  • Comes in both silver and gold plated metal 
  • Studded with sparkling rhinestones around the trimming
  • Detailed with the profile of Egyptian God, Amon
  • Makes a great gift for any friend or loved one passionate about Egypt

Take your fashion look to a new level with our Egyptian Necklace Pharaoh Pendant | God Amon and order yours online today!