Men's pendant gold I Ankh cross

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This magnificent pendant for man, represents the ankh cross, symbol of wisdom, key to the Egyptian life, it symbolizes ancient Egypt, symbolizing the ancient, life, eternal life, reincarnation and mysterious power.

In jewellery and art, it is a unisex symbol that anyone can wear.

When the cross is made of gold, it is associated with the South, the oval shape similar to the sign of infinity could symbolize the eternity of living deities, and the cross that comes out of it is a symbol of continuation and extension.

key feature :

  • The pendant is made of high-quality steel material, which does not dull or rust easily. In addition, it is easy to restore its shine by wiping it with a cloth.
  • It is a very light jewel, and very pleasant to wear.
  • It will bring you happiness, luck, health and strength.
  • The pendant is available in 4 sizes 19.6, 21.6, 24.8, 26.7 (inch)
  • It is an excellent gift for a child / parent / lover / friend / sister / brother / grandparent, or a gift for a birthday, Christmas, or wedding.