Egyptian Ankh Cross Earring | Justice Sword

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Sexy and mysterious, the Ankh Symbol earring is an excellent choice for a Gothic look. The simple cross witch jewelry will display a sophisticated jewelry statement.

The Ancient Egyptians used the Ankh symbol for “life” or “breath of life” as they believed that earthy life was just a piece of journey. In other words, the cross with the teardrop-shaped loop symbolizes the secret of life!

Key Features : 

  • Powerful symbol: It’s famous and it is a must for a Gothic look!

  • Simple drop earring design: The earrings are easy to wear and do not require any complicated closing.

  • Light weight: This witch jewelry has excellent finishing and does not weigh a lot.

  • The tip of the cross is not sharp: Comfort of the jewelry should always be a priority. Hence, we took extra precautions to blunt the pointy end of the cross.

  • Anti-Tarnish jewelry: We guarantee that you will receive the best quality Ankh symbol earrings.

Size : 40 x 19 mm ( 1,57" x 0,74" )

Stainless Steel