Wine bottle holder Anubis I Anubis God

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This elegant bottle holder in the shape of the god Anubis, will perfectly carry your bottle of wine.

Anubis is the son of Isis and Osiris, his peculiarity is his jackal head, and also the fact that he is the god of the desert and the necropolis. In the texts of the pyramids, he introduced the dead into the other world and took part in the weighing of the heart.

The canine form of the god may have been inspired to the Ancient Egyptians by the behaviour of canids, often opportunistic scavengers wandering at night in the necropolis in search of corpses.

This elegant bottle holder, will keep your

Key features :

  • Made of high-quality resin, and very resistant.
  • This bottle holder is manufactured, polished and coloured by hand.
  • This collection is a great gift for a loved one, or a friend who likes to drink wine.
  • Size: 5 x 8 inch
  • Bottle holder Anubis, funerary god of ancient Egypt and master of necropolises, and protector of embalmers, will sublimate your interior, and bring a lot of charm.
  • It will be an excellent gift choice for an office, a home, or for an elegant interior.