Egyptian cat I Bastet Godess

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Give your home an oriental and vintage look with this fabulous Egyptian Cat Statue made of paper!

This unique decoration will bring a feline touch to your home!

It is a paper decoration to assemble, you don't need scissors just your hands and head. This product is ideal for many occasions such as a festival, or a show, for example.

The cat was one of the many animals whose attributes were revered in ancient Egypt. Among other things, it was associated with the symbol of protection. Initially an avatar of the god Ra as a slayer of the serpent Apophis, it would experience the height of its influence as an incarnation of the goddess Bastet.

Key features :

  • The handcrafted finish of this piece is superb, this piece is made of high quality paper to be assembled.
  • The flat base of the Egyptian table model guarantees stable seating.
  • The statue will be perfect for the living room, dining room, bedroom, office and many other scenes, it will also be perfect for a show.
  • It measures 20.8 x 20.4 x 10.6 inch.
  • It is an excellent gift for friends or relatives...