Queen nefertiti I Egyptian bracelet

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This Bracelet is the perfect jewel to dress your wrist with beauty and modesty!

This Bracelet is patterned with Queen Nefertiti, the Queen of Egypt, the great royal wife of Akhenaten, one of the last kings of the XVIIIᵉ dynasty.

Her beauty is legendary and it is certain that she played an important political and religious role during the Amarna period.

Nefertiti is an expressive legend in the history of ancient Egypt, and wearing this necklace not only signifies a proof of love and beauty, but is also a tribute to the queen.

Key features :

  • It will enhance your wrist with its fine and elegant design.
  • The bracelet symbolizes life, and immortal existence.
  • It is a 24g bracelet that is very light and pleasant to wear.
  • This beautiful bracelet will please you if you like the mythical symbols of ancient Egypt.