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This beautiful pendant will give you confidence and protection.

Anubis is the son of Isis and Osiris, his peculiarity is his jackal's head, and also the fact that he is the god of the desert and the necropolis. In the texts of the pyramids, he introduced the dead into the other world and took part in the weighing of the heart.

The canine form of the god may have been inspired to the Ancient Egyptians by the behaviour of canids, often opportunistic scavengers wandering at night in the necropolis in search of corpses.

Anubis represents the Egyptian god of funerals and necropolis.

Key feature

  • Necklace with anubis pendant length 60 cm
  • The size of the god anubis is 2.4 cm.
  • The anubis necklace is available in two colours, gold and silver.
  • Its design makes it an original gift for loved ones such as mothers, friends, etc., or as a gift for dates such as Christmas, birthdays or simply for fun.
  • Our jewellery has been designed and manufactured with a lot of dedication and love to offer you a superior quality.
  • Let yourself be tempted by this magnificent pendant!





N02806G - 副本

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Metal: Copper

WEARING OCCASION: Dating / Daily / Wedding / Anniversary / Propose

GIFT FOR: Friend / Dad / Husband / Boyfriend

FIT FOR: Young and Maturity Male

Each Item Will Come With Opp Bag

N02806G - 副本

N02806GOJ8A0018N02806G 拷贝OJ8A0011OJ8A0012OJ8A0016OJ8A0017