ankh cross earrings I Egyptian earring

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 These beautiful hankh cross earrings for women will bring you wisdom and insight.

The Egyptian cross (Ankh) is an ancient symbol representing life, wisdom and insight.

Known as the "ankh cross" or "ankh cross", the Egyptian cross symbolizes the divine gift of eternal life. It was the attribute of the gods of Ancient Egypt, most often associated with the goddess Isis.

The ankh cross is a religious symbol of Ancient Egypt, it is an emblem of immortality and eternity, the Egyptian cross of life is a talisman imbued with mystery.
Thanks to their 3 colours gold, black, and silver, they will fit perfectly with your outfit.

Key feature :

  • Perfect to bring a sensual side to your outfit.
  • Made of steel metal
  • size: 0.39 inch x 0.59 inch.
  • Material for everyday use: The earrings are made of high quality steel material, which does not easily dull or rust. In addition, it is easy to restore its shine by wiping it with a cloth.
  • Ideal for a gift or simply to treat yourself!