Pharaoh figurine I Egyptian statue

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This magnificent pharaoh figurine will be perfect to decorate your interior, your living room, or your dining room, it is an excellent choice of gift for a relative or friend who wishes to decorate his house.

A pharaoh is used to designate the kings and queens of ancient Egypt, there were more than 345 pharaohs during ancient Egypt.

The pharaoh wears a hat, called the Nemes, it is the most emblematic headdress of the pharaohs who will wear it from the Old Kingdom until the Ptolemaic period.

The greatest pharaoh of Egypt is Ramses, who is still considered, even today, as one of the greatest pharaohs of Egypt.

Key feature :

  • This fantastic figurine is made of high-quality resin. It is handcrafted with amazing details.
  • This statue has a breathtaking design, it is a perfect addition to your decoration.
  • This model is suitable for the living room, bedroom, bathroom, office...
  • It is a good gift idea for children and adults for birthdays, weddings, Christmas.
  • It measures 10 x 9 x 0.4 inch.