Ankh Cross Necklace

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In ancient Egypt, both men and women wore ankh necklaces. The Ankh Key pendant, which is the form of an ancient Egyptian cross, was a symbol of life.

Bling and Shiny guys will like the option of a White diamond Beaded chain, a Double heart ruby Cable chain necklace, and Cultured-pearl or Sapphire. You can also customize with a Two-tone 18k, 14k, or 10k white gold and Rose gold pendant chain, and a Rhodiumor Rhodium-plated choker. A PlatinumBall chain combined with a Solid-gold Medallionis also a good choice. CZ pendant with a silver-plated ball chain necklace is the most popular necklace in our shop.


Swarovski lovers can choose some Crystal pendants textured with Cubic-zirconia or Opal for Elegance

Most humble men and women can also wear a stainless steel chain with metallic, Gold-plate, or Silver pendants(Sterling silver cross) Style necklace. You can choose a gold-plated Figaro chain or a rope chain necklace to go with it.


Ancient Egyptians wore Geometric ornaments like earrings, bracelets, and jewelry necklaces that were made from precious metals including electrum, bronze, Gold, and silver.

Ancient Egyptian jewelry included necklaces that were handmade with gold or electrum. The necklaces had large pendants in the center of them with chains that hung down to the chest of the wearer. They made these large pendants with carnelian, lapis lazuli, turquoise, and white shell. Amulets were also worn around the necks of ancient Egyptians as well as on their wrists, arms, and ankles. They made the amulets from a variety of materials, including carved gemstones, shells, and pearls, which were strung together into bracelets and anklets.

Ankh necklace is a necklace that is shaped like the key of life. The Ankh symbol is often associated with ancient Egypt, though it also has ties to other religions.

The Ankh symbol is a hieroglyph that was associated with the god Anubis, who was the god of death and rebirth in ancient Egyptian mythology. The hieroglyph is a representation of a sandal strap and was used with other symbols, such as the Djed pillar, to represent stability and strength.

Ancient Egyptians believed that wearing charms would protect them from harm and evil spirits, as well as bring them good luck or good health.

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The Ankh is known to be one of the most powerful symbols of Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians used it as a symbol of life and eternal love. They believed this symbol would bring happiness, prosperity, and protection to the wearer. It was also used in religious ceremonies and rituals.

The ankh necklace is a beautiful accessory that was once worn by ancient Egyptian pharaohs, queens, and priests. This symbol has been worn for thousands of years, and it still remains popular today.

Ankhs are usually made from gold or silver, but you can also get them in bronze or copper. You can get many different designs, such as ankhs placed in a circle, ankhs with wings, or ankhs with other symbols such as crosses or pyramids on them.

Some people believe that the ankh brings good luck and protects you from evil spirits. Many people wear it to attract love into their lives. It is said that if you wear an ankh around your neck you will have eternal life. The Egyptians believed that the ankh was the key to heaven, which is why they buried their dead with it.

If you're interested in wearing an anklet be sure to get one made out of gold because it's believed to be more powerful than silver. You can even get one with diamonds on it if you want something really special. The Egyptians thought so highly of this symbol that they called themselves "the people who live by the ankh".