Eye of Horus

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Horus, in ancient Egyptian religion, is a god in the form of a falcon whose right eye was the sun representing power, and whose left eye was the moon representing healing.

The eye of Horus is the ancient Egyptian sign that symbolizes protection, royal power, and good health. The Eye of Horus is also known as Wadjet. It is a famous Egyptian myth that Horus lost his left eye in the struggle with Seth. The eye got restored magically by Hathor, and this restoration symbolizes the process of healing. The eye of Horus is not merely a magical symbol but also an example of mathematical knowledge acquired by the Egyptians, which is quite interesting. Seth tore Horus's eye into six parts, and each part was given a fraction as a unit of measurement. These fractions add up to 63/64, and the missing part is said to either represent the magical powers of Thoth or to illustrate that nothing is perfect.

Eye of Horus jewelry products:

The Eye of Horus is a famous pattern for tattoos these days and is also in demand for jewelry designs. For those who believe in power symbols and have a liking for ancient history, we provide a range of jewelry designed with the Eye of Horus in different elegant patterns.

Our collection has a variety of earrings and necklaces.


The Eye of Horus Egyptian necklaces is of two varieties mainly. In one type, the eye symbol is patterned beautifully on a pyramid of gold or silver. A sparkling stone is used in place of the eyeball, which signifies the elegance of the product. The second type is the symbol eye of Horus symbol without the underneath base of any pyramid. The absence of a pyramid makes it even lighter in weight and easy to carry.

Key features:

  • The pendants are made up of pure gold or silver, which don't become dull and rust
  • They are lighter in weight and easy to carry

Egyptian Eye of Horus Earrings:

Are you in search of something extraordinary for your ears? We put an end to your search and provide you with unique designs of ancient Egyptian earrings with an eye of Horus. Both antique and gold designs are available.

Eye of Horus as a decor piece:

The use of the eye of Horus as a home or office decor has become a common trend these days. Many people use the symbols to decorate their walls and some use the small models to give an elegant touch to their office tables or home showcases. Different models of the Eye of Horus are available to provide beauty with a rich history to your living rooms.