Retro Egyptian Statue Music Box | Isis Wings

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A shout out to all the Egyptian mythology lovers! The Egyptian themed musical box is a perfect item to add to your vintage art collection, or it could be the beautiful valentine’s gift for your Queen of the throne that you were looking for.

The 3D statue of the most beautiful woman of Egypt wearing a sheath dress on an engraved hieroglyphics base makes the perfect sentimental gift for your loved one ! 

Key Features : 

  • Family Heirloom: The high quality metal of the Egyptian musical box can become an ideal family treasure. It can be passed down from generation to generation in the remembrance of the once upon a time love.

  • No batteries needed: The vintage musical box only needs a twist of the spring at the bottom to play the beautiful melody.

  • Delicate Art work: It has detailed embossed art at its finest.

  • An excellent gift item for anyone: It is an excellent gift item for a friend, spouse, sweetheart, relative, or even for yourself.

  • Plays the most love tune from the past two centuries: The vintage musical box plays the all favorite tune of “Amazing Grace”. With a size of 11.5 x 8 cm, this is a wonderful compact musical box to keep on your side table.