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When you seek a relic from the ancient sands, offering timeless allure with or without a clock, you'll find me at the crossroads of history and modern design. I stand as an Egyptian pyramid, regal in four radiant colors, preserving the spirit of the pharaohs while embracing today's functionality. I am an Egyptian Pyramid.

Physical Description

This collection presents a set of metal pyramid sculptures, available in four lustrous finishes: gold, bronze, copper, and silver. Each pyramid is adorned with embossed hieroglyphics and Egyptian figures, lending an air of ancient mystery and tradition. The pyramids come in two distinct variants: one features a classic timepiece at the center, seamlessly integrating function with form, while the other variant stands as a purely sculptural piece, unadorned by the clock.

Crafted with precision, these pyramids serve as perfect desktop accessories or decorative elements for any space looking to incorporate a touch of historical elegance. The clock variant adds practicality, making it a unique gift for those who appreciate punctuality as much as they do style. Whether chosen for personal use or as a gift, these pyramids offer a blend of decorative beauty and a nod to the enigmatic allure of the pharaohs' era.

Key Features

Size (EU)

Size (US)



3.14 cm x 3.14 cm

1.24 in x 1.24 in


Without Clock

3.14 cm x 3.14 cm

1.24 in x 1.24 in


With and Without Clock

3.14 cm x 3.14 cm

1.24 in x 1.24 in


With and Without Clock

3.14 cm x 3.14 cm

1.24 in x 1.24 in


With and Without Clock

Detailed Product Description


Egyptian pyramid sculptures represent a unique fusion of ancient history and modern design. Crafted meticulously, these pieces evoke the grandeur and mystique of ancient Egypt. Available in gold, bronze, copper, and silver metallic finishes, the sculptures come in two versions: one with a timepiece and another for purely aesthetic purposes. The gold pyramid, adorned with golden quartz and other precious elements, is only available in the non-clock variant.

Symbolism in Design

The orgonite-infused pyramid sculptures feature embossed hieroglyphics and Egyptian figures, connecting them to ancient Egyptian culture and spirituality. The pyramid shape is renowned for its ability to channel energy and has historical ties to healing and meditation practices. Many believe these pyramids generate positive energy and offer protection against electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), making them a valuable addition to any space. The Nubian-inspired design, with a high base-to-height ratio, adds to the sculptures' unique appeal.

The Enigmatic Allure of Ancient Aesthetics

Pyramid designs inherently evoke mystery, reminiscent of the iconic structures at Giza. The four metallic finishes gold, bronze, copper, and silver reflect light in a captivating manner, turning these sculptures into eye-catching pieces. Their compact size and intricate design make them ideal for those who appreciate small yet impactful decorative elements. For a striking visual effect, consider setting these sculptures on a coffee table or a mantel, where their radiant glow can be appreciated.

Styling with Timeless Pieces

Integrating these pyramid sculptures into your decor is a simple yet effective way to infuse historical elegance. These pieces can serve as desktop accessories, bookends, or focal points in any room. Pairing the sculptures with other crystal or stone elements enhances their aesthetic appeal. The charging capacity of the orgonite and the original base design make these sculptures a versatile choice for various preferences and styles.

A Unique Offering for Every Occasion

The dual-variant option one with a clock and one without offers versatility for different occasions. The clock variant is perfect for those who appreciate both functionality and style, while the purely decorative variant is ideal for those who value traditional aesthetic pieces. These sculptures are excellent gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or corporate events, offering a unique blend of history and contemporary flair. Keep an eye on special advertisements and promotions for exclusive deals on these exquisite pieces.

Versatility in Utility and Appeal

These pyramid sculptures can fit seamlessly into various settings. Whether used as a practical timepiece or a striking centerpiece, they bring energy and a touch of ancient history to any space. Their unique charging capabilities and EMF protection technologies make them a popular choice for meditation rooms and other energy-focused environments.

Maintenance and Upkeep

To keep these pyramid sculptures looking their best, regular maintenance is key. Dusting with a soft cloth and occasional polishing with a metal-specific cleaner will preserve their luster. Avoiding harsh chemicals and abrasive materials is crucial for maintaining the intricate details, including the delicate hieroglyphics. Proper care ensures these sculptures remain stunning additions to your home or office for years to come.

Exclusive Promotions

EGYPTIAN JEWELRY offers unique pieces that combine ancient tradition with contemporary design. Watch for exclusive promotions and sales to get the best deals on these captivating sculptures. By blending classic elements with modern craftsmanship, EGYPTIAN JEWELRY provides items that are as versatile as they are timeless.

By combining traditional design elements with modern technologies, our pyramid sculptures are not only decorative but also enrich your home with a sense of peace and protection. Explore our collection today and bring home a piece of ancient luxury!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How quickly can I receive my order?

Delivery times vary depending on your location and the shipping option chosen at checkout. Generally, orders are processed within 1-3 business days and shipped via reliable carriers.

2. Is it available for international shipping?

Yes, international shipping is available. However, availability and shipping costs vary depending on your location. It's best to check with the seller for specific details on shipping to your country.

3. What materials are used to make the pyramid sculptures?

These pyramid sculptures are crafted from high-quality metals, with colors like gold, bronze, copper, and silver. The finishes are designed to be durable and long-lasting.

4. Can I use the sculptures for energy healing or meditation?

Yes, the pyramid shape is often associated with energy healing and meditation practices. These sculptures can be used as a focal point in meditation spaces or to enhance the energy flow in your home.

5. What is the size of the pyramid sculptures?

The sculptures come in various sizes, with the largest being approximately 12 inches in height. The exact dimensions are listed above.

Resume Of Power

The Pyramids: Conduits of Abundance and Prosperity

Each pyramid in our top collection is meticulously crafted, featuring embossed hieroglyphics and traditional Egyptian figures that evoke the era of mystical rulers and divine prophecies. These symbols are not just ornamental; they are believed to channel energies conducive to fertility and abundance, making each pyramid a potent tool for meditation and spiritual healing. Our pyramids are made with a blend of quartz and orgonite, known for their EMF protection capabilities, ensuring they not only enhance spiritual alignment but also serve as protective amulets against environmental stressors.

Beacons of Enlightenment: Timekeeping and Aesthetic Function

Offering two distinct designs, our pyramids cater to both the aesthete and the pragmatist. One variant incorporates a classic timepiece within its structure, blending utility with artistry, ideal for those who value punctuality alongside elegance. This feature not only enhances the functionality of the piece but also serves as a modern reminder of the timeless nature of Egyptian craftsmanship. Each pyramid is designed to be a small yet powerful generator of positive vibes, perfect for charging the ambiance of any room.

Amulets of Love and Joy: Sculptures that Enrich

Beyond their physical beauty, these pyramids are imbued with energies to attract love and joy. Whether placed in a living space or used as an office adornment, they serve as daily reminders of the positive energies that govern our lives. Their reflective surfaces gleam with the promise of happiness and emotional fulfillment, offering the best aesthetic and energetic benefits.

Symbols of Regal Refinement

The choice of colors gold, silver, bronze, and copper echoes the opulence and dignified taste of ancient Egyptian royalty. Each finish not only adds a touch of luxury but also aligns with specific energetic properties, from the sun-like radiance of golden hues to the grounding influence of bronze. These pyramids are crafted to honor the original proportions and ratios revered in Nubian architecture, ensuring each piece is a testament to ancient traditions and modern craftsmanship.

Portals to Ancient Mysticism

For those drawn to the esoteric aspects of ancient cultures, these pyramids act as portals to bygone eras of mysticism and knowledge. They are perfect for use in practices involving orgone energy, reiki, and chakra alignment, assisting in the creation of a harmonious environment conducive to spiritual practices. Our pyramids are an essential part of any spiritual technology collection, designed to accommodate the preferences of all who seek a connection with ancient wisdom.

Mementos of Spiritual Connection

Each sculpture serves as a tangible connection to the spiritual and historical world of ancient Egypt, offering a physical medium through which to explore and honor these connections. They are not only decorative but also serve as powerful generators of positive energy, aiding in meditation and healing practices. Currently available for sale, each pyramid set promises to be a cornerstone of any personal or professional space, enriching the environment with beauty and energy.

These Egyptian pyramid sculptures blend the mystique of ancient Giza with modern artistry, offering a unique combination of decoration, functionality, and spiritual significance. Whether used for personal enrichment or as a thoughtful gift, they are sure to bring a sense of refined beauty and timeless charm to any environment, making them a top choice during any sale season.

Reasons You Should Get It Right Away:

1. Incorporate Ancient Mystique and Modern Craftsmanship

Each metal pyramid sculpture available in gold, silver, bronze, and copper finishes is meticulously crafted to evoke the grandeur of ancient Egypt. Adorned with embossed hieroglyphics and Egyptian figures, these sculptures merge the charm of the pharaohs' era with contemporary artistry. Whether displayed in a home or office, these pieces serve as a powerful reminder of ancient traditions and modern craftsmanship, making them a top choice for buyers seeking both decoration and historical significance.

2. Functional Elegance with a Timepiece Variant

For those who value punctuality as much as style, the clock variant of the pyramid sculpture integrates a classic timepiece at the center. This functional addition not only enhances the utility of the piece but also makes it an exceptional gift for anyone who appreciates practical art. This unique feature distinguishes these sculptures from typical decorative items and ranks them among the best in blending utility with aesthetics.

3. Versatile Decorative Appeal

Whether you're looking to add a touch of historical elegance to a formal office or a sophisticated element to a casual living space, these pyramid sculptures adapt to various settings. The lustrous finishes and intricate details make them suitable for any decor theme, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of their surroundings. They are perfect for those who prefer a subtle yet powerful statement piece that reflects their preferences.

4. Spiritual and Healing Attributes

Inspired by the pyramid's association with energy and meditation in various cultures, these sculptures can also serve as focal points for personal reflection and tranquility. The designs subtly incorporate elements like quartz and crystals, often used in healing and reiki, adding a layer of spiritual enrichment to their presence. These pieces are ideal for those seeking both decorative beauty and spiritual or EMF protection.

5. Exclusive Gift with Practical Benefits

Choosing a pyramid sculpture as a gift means offering something uniquely beautiful and functional. The presence of variety of designs ensures that there is a perfect match for every preference and space. This makes the pyramids not just a decor item but a thoughtful and original gift choice. With their blend of ancient allure and modern functionalities, these sculptures are set to impress.

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