Egyptian Statue

Statues are the three-dimensional representation of a person, animal, or mythical being produced by sculpturing. Statues show honor and appreciation for the heroes. Villains and negative people usually don't deserve statues, no matter how rich history they had. Statues are mostly made of bronze, but gold, silver, brass, iron, and lead have also been used.

What are Egyptian statues?

The Egyptians mostly used to build statues of their Gods with belief that they will come to life. They also sculptured their kings and queens and considered them as their lucky charm that brings happiness and well-being to their life. The most famous sculpture is the Sphinx of Giza which is made of limestone and is located in Giza. The Egyptian statues are mostly of the queens and kings, who they called the Pharaoh. They believed that the sculptures of the Pharaoh or the queens will bring them good health, prosperous life, and protection in the life after.

What Egyptian Statues do we provide?

There are many beautifully carved statues of the Pharaohs and queens of the Egyptian era. Each Pharaoh and queen is patterned differently which depicts the divine powers of each.

We provide different statues to symbolize different Gods and pharaohs of the Egyptian era. Some of the long lists are small statues of Anubis, skull figure of Tutankhamun, figurine coffin mummy, Egyptian cat statues, statues of the God Horus, Nefertiti figurine, Egyptian statue music box, and pyramid figurine. These figurines or statues will give an amazing aesthetic look to your home or office interior.

The small statue of Anubis:

Anubis was regarded as the God of the dead by the Egyptians. The characteristic jackal face and human body give it a must-watch piece. It is made up of pure copper which is carved with immense care. It doesn't rust or get dull and the luster makes it more watchable.

Skull Figure of Tutankhamun:

Tutankhamun, who is the last pharaoh of the 18th dynasty. He restored the order to the land, left in chaos by his father. He restored faith in god Amun. The Egyptian statue of the Tutankhamun skull is a highly demanded product these days. The white skull figure in the mid is enclosed by the golden hat with luster over it. The skull is crafted with fine details. It is made up of high-quality resin which is lighter in weight. This model is suitable for any place, such as the living room, bedroom, bathroom, office, or garden, also to decorate your desk, shelves, car dashboards.

Coffin Mummy Egyptian statue:

The Egyptian kings were mummified inside a coffin container called a sarcophagus. The sarcophagi were first wide boxes or stone-made containers which were later shaped to curve around the body. The coffins were usually made of wood, metal, or stone.

We have two designs of the mummified coffin Egyptian statue. One type is with the sarcophagi containing the mummified body inside while the second one is without the sarcophagi. The body is carved in fine details with crook and flail in hand. They are available in 6 different colors. They are best to decorate your rooms and office table or shelves. They don't rust easily and the shine can be restored by wiping with a silk cloth.

Pyramid Figurine:

This Egyptian pyramid is one of the seven wonders of the world and is a very famous structure in Egyptian history. It is believed that the tombs of the Pharaoh were built in a pyramid shape. Deep inside the Egyptian Pyramids is the Pharaoh's burial chamber, filled with all the treasure and items for their use in the afterlife.

The Egyptian Pyramid statues we provide are elegantly crafted in a three-dimensional shape. The thing that provides more elegance to the statue is the different sacred patterns carved over the pyramids. In some designs, the pyramids contain the Eye of Horus over them, and on some the Ankh cross and other sacred signs are carved.

All these Egyptian statues are available in different colors and designs. The material is pure platinum, alloy, or gold and doesn't rust or dull easily.

Grab the best piece in the town and let it give a fascinating touch to your home or workplace!