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Step into the realm where history whispers through the ages, standing regally in gold and blue. What holds the gaze of pharaohs, immortalized in stone, guarding secrets under the watchful eyes of Horus? Behold the enigma that captures the essence of an ancient king, a treasure gleaming with eternal grace. Unravel the mystery: the Tut Statue, where every glance reveals stories of a golden past, and every shadow is a testament to timeless legacy.

Physical description

This regal figurine is a stunning miniature representation of the iconic burial mask of Tutankhamun, one of Egypt's most famous pharaohs. The sculpture is lavished with a golden finish, accented by deep blues and touches of black, capturing the opulence and splendor of ancient Egyptian royalty. 

The use of lustrous gold tones, paired with the striking lapis lazuli-like blue, brings forward the artistry of the ancient artisans. King Tut's headdress is adorned with stripes of cobalt blue and gold, detailed with the cobra emblem of kingship on the forehead.

Sitting atop a decorative base inscribed with hieroglyphics and the word "EGYPT," this piece serves as a portable treasure that brings the allure of ancient history into your home or office. Its compact size makes it a perfect item for display on a desk, shelf, or as part of a collection. It's not just a decorative object but also an emblem of the rich cultural heritage of Egypt, appealing to both history enthusiasts and those who appreciate artifacts of exquisite beauty.

Ideal for gifting or as a centerpiece in a collection, the statue embodies the mystique and grandeur of ancient Egypt. It invites onlookers to ponder the rich narratives of the past, making it a timeless piece that transcends its size.

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5.12 x 2.95 x 2.75 inches

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Detailed Product Description


King Tutankhamun, often simply known as King Tut, has captivated the imaginations of historians, scholars, and the public alike since the discovery of his tomb in 1922. The aura surrounding his short reign, mysterious death, and the rumored curse of his tomb has only deepened the allure. Among the many artifacts discovered, his burial mask remains one of the most iconic symbols of ancient Egypt. We offer a miniature model of this mask, transformed into a regal figurine that brings the splendor of Egyptian royalty into everyday spaces.


The Tut statue, a hand-crafted, vintage item, is rich in symbolism, echoing the majesty of Egyptian kingship. Atop King Tut's headdress rests the cobra emblem, representing the goddess Wadjet, a symbol of protection and royal authority. The colors adorning the headdress cobalt blue and gold are not merely decorative. Blue, resembling lapis lazuli, was associated with royalty and the heavens, while gold represented the divine flesh of the gods. These elements combined make the statue not only a decorative piece but also a repository of ancient beliefs and practices.

The Enchanting Attraction

There is a mystic allure attached to the Tut statue, as it embodies the enduring mystery of ancient Egypt. Its presence in a room is a gateway to the past, offering a visual connection to the time when pharaohs ruled the Nile. The complex craftsmanship that highlights the youthful features of King Tutankhamun invites admiration and curiosity, serving as a poignant reminder of the young pharaoh’s eternal legacy. Each glance at the statue reveals more about the golden era of pharaohs, making it a timeless piece of art.

How to Include It in Your Home's Interior Design

The compact size and detailed artistry of the Tut statue make it versatile for various decor settings. It can serve as a distinguished desk accessory in an office, adding a touch of sophistication and historical elegance. Alternatively, placing it on a shelf amidst books on history or travel can spark conversations and interest. In a more formal setting like a living room, it can be paired with other artifacts or artworks to create a curated display of cultural heritage. Imagine it as a unique, eye-catching item on your wall, blending science with art.

The Ideal Gift For Lovers Of Historical Artifacts

For those who cherish history or appreciate beautiful craftsmanship, the Tut statue is an ideal gift. It can mark significant life events, celebrate academic achievements, or act as a thoughtful housewarming present. This statue is not just a gift; it's an invitation to own a piece of history, to hold a story that has been told through millennia, making it especially meaningful for those fascinated by the ancient world.

Flexibility and Usability

Beyond its decorative appeal, the Tut statue can also serve educational purposes. It can be used in classrooms or educational workshops to bring history to life and provide a tangible connection to ancient Egyptian culture. Its functionality extends to thematic events or exhibitions, where it can be displayed to enhance the ambiance and provide contextual richness to the setting.

Care and Maintenance

Preserving the luster and integrity of the Tut statue involves careful handling and regular maintenance. The statue should be cleaned gently with a soft, dry cloth to avoid scratching the surface. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials. For long-term preservation, it's advisable to keep the statue in a stable environment away from direct sunlight and excessive moisture, which could degrade the materials over time.

Exclusive Offers

Our brand or store EGYPTIAN JEWELRY consistently strives to bring you unique items that embody a blend of historical elegance and modern craftsmanship.

FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About the Tut Statue

1. What is the significance of King Tutankhamun in Egyptian history?

King Tutankhamun is celebrated for the wealth of artifacts found in his tomb, which have provided invaluable insights into ancient Egyptian life and culture.

2. What materials are used to create this Tut statue?

This particular statue is crafted from resin and finished with metallic paint to mimic gold and lapis lazuli, reflecting traditional Egyptian artistic methods.

3. Are there any specific conditions required for displaying the statue to ensure its preservation?

The statue should be displayed in a stable environment away from extreme temperatures, humidity, and direct sunlight.

4. How often should the statue be cleaned and with what materials?

Regular dusting with a soft cloth is recommended; avoid harsh cleaners and abrasive materials.

5. What are some common misconceptions about the artifacts of King Tutankhamun?

A common misconception is that all artifacts from King Tut's tomb are cursed; this myth is largely attributed to media sensationalism.

6. How quickly can I receive my order?

Delivery times vary depending on your location and the shipping option chosen at checkout.

7. Is it available for international shipping?

Availability can vary, so it’s best to check with the seller for shipping options to your location.

Resume Of Power

Emblem of Ancient Majesty

This regal figurine is a breathtaking miniature representation of the iconic burial mask of Tutankhamun, one of the most celebrated pharaohs in Egyptian history. Offered as a sculpture that captures the essence of ancient Egyptian royalty, it boasts a lavish golden finish, accented by deep blues and touches of black.

Symbol of Royal Power

King Tut's headdress is meticulously detailed, adorned with stripes of cobalt blue and gold that signify his royal status. At the forefront, the cobra emblem a powerful symbol of kingship rests on the forehead, enhancing the statue's majestic aura.

A Glimpse of Egyptian Artistry

The base of the statue, ornately decorated with hieroglyphics and prominently featuring the word "EGYPT," ties this modern artifact back to its ancient origins. This detail not only adds to its authenticity but also serves as a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and artistry that echoes through time.

Historical Treasure

This King Tut statue serves as a treasure that brings the allure and splendor of ancient Egyptian culture into your home or office. Its compact size makes it an ideal piece for display on a desk, shelf, or as a prominent part of a collector's array. It's designed not just to decorate a space but to transform it by adding a touch of historical elegance.

Cultural Heritage and Beauty

Beyond its function as a decorative item, this figurine stands as an emblem of the rich cultural heritage of Egypt, appealing to both history enthusiasts and those who appreciate vintage beauty. This statue is more than just a piece of decor; it is a bridge to the past, inviting all who view it to delve deeper into the mysteries and grandeur of ancient Egypt. Shop for this hand-crafted, mummy-owned treasure and add unique science-themed objects to your wall or collection to experience a slice of history.

Here are five compelling reasons to purchase a King Tut statue:

  • Historical Significance: The statue of Tutankhamun represents one of the most iconic figures in ancient Egyptian. Owning a piece like this connects you to the rich history of Egypt and its celebrated pharaohs, particularly the young king whose tomb discovery in 1922 sparked a global interest in Egyptian archaeology.

  • Decorative Appeal: King Tut statues are often crafted with meticulous detail and can serve as stunning decorative pieces in your home or office. Whether made from resin, gold, or other materials, these statues often feature intricate designs that capture the essence of Egyptian art, making them a striking addition to any decor.

  • Cultural Artistry: Many of these statues are handmade, showcasing the skill and tradition of artisans who specialize in historical reproductions. Purchasing a handmade King Tut statue not only supports these craftsmen but also helps preserve the traditional methods of sculpture and art from ancient cultures.

  • Educational Value: For those interested in ancient artifacts, archaeology, or art, owning a King Tut statue can serve as a personal educational tool. It can spark interest in the study of ancient civilizations and provide a tangible connection to the past, making it a valuable item for both students and educators alike.

  • Investment and Collection: Collectibles like a King Tut statue, especially those that are original or best-in-class, often retain or increase in value over time. They make a great addition to any collection of historical artifacts or art pieces. Additionally, with features like free shipping and special offers from sellers, it can be a wise investment that is both financially and culturally rewarding.

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