Egyptian Necklace & Pendant

Ankh Egyptian Pendant Necklace
Gold Chain With Ankh Zicron Pendant - Key of Life
From $1
Egyptian Pharaoh God Pendant Necklace
Diamond Nefertiti Necklace - Gold & Silver
From $69
Egyptian Scarab Necklace - Cycle of Life
Egyptian Scarab Necklace - Cycle of Life
Regular price $25
Egyptian Necklace Pendant Queen Nefertiti
Gold Nefertiti Necklace - Egyptian Pendant
Regular price $19
King Tut Egyptian Pendant
King Tut Pendant - Egyptian Gold Necklace
From $59
Egyptian Snake Stainless Steel Pendant Necklace
Gothic Ankh Necklace Pendant - Egyptian Snake
From $59
Ankh Egyptian Necklace Pendant
Egyptian Pendant - Ankh cross necklace
Regular price $59
King Tut Egyptian Pharaoh Necklace Pendant
Gold & Silver Pharaoh Necklace
Regular price $39
Eye of Horus Egyptian Necklace Pendant
Diamond Eye of Horus & Pyramid Pendant - Unity Kingdom
Regular price $69
Nefertiti Gold & Silver Vintage Necklace
Nefertiti Gold & Silver Vintage Necklace
Regular price $19
Horus eye Pendant - Egyptian Necklace
Horus eye Pendant - Egyptian Necklace
Regular price $29
Crystal Ankh Necklace - Egyptian Silver & Gold Pendant
Crystal Ankh Necklace - Egyptian Silver & Gold Pendant
From $29
Stainless Steel Ankh Pendant - Egyptian Necklace
Stainless Steel Ankh Pendant - Egyptian Necklace
From $29

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Ancient Egyptian jewelry held symbolic and religious importance along with ornamental values. The ancient Egyptian treasured their jewelry for its power against death and evil forces. They buried their deceased ones with their valuable jewelry because, in ancient Egypt, the dead ones were expected to look fine in the afterlife.

From poor workers to royal families, people of all statuses wore jewelry in ancient Egypt. The wealthy sect used precious gems, metals, and stones in their necklaces. The poor replaced them with painted clay, animal teeth, bones, and shells.

Variety of ancient Egyptian necklaces available at our store:

We have a huge handpicked collection of ancient Egyptian necklaces available at our online store including the Egyptian snake adjustable necklace, Egyptian Pharaoh necklace, Egyptian Scarab Beetle Necklace, Egyptian winged Goddess necklace, Egyptian elegant gold pedant, Egyptian queen Nefertiti necklace, Egyptian snake stainless pendant, Egyptian Ankh necklace, Egyptian pyramid Horus necklace, and many more. Check out our website for the latest designs and trends.

 The wide selling product from our huge collections are: 

Egyptian Pharaoh necklace

Detailed with shimmering rhinestones all over to display your luxurious taste, introduce your Egyptian fashion taste with our precious Egyptian Pharaoh necklace, the God Amon! Amon is the Egyptian god of the sun and air. Add an explicitly stylish look that goes with any outfit.

key features:

  • available in silver and gold colors
  • a symbol of the ancient Egyptian God, Amon
  • sparkling rhinestones are studded all around the trimming

This pendant guarantee to drive Ancient Egyptian history lovers crazy.

Egyptian Eye of Horus gold medallion

The Eye of Horus carries a symbolic significance for health, protection, and restoration in Egyptian history. Wear this necklace for the spiritual support of the Eye of Horus. The medallion and chain are made of solid alloy and studded with decorative rhinestones for extra flair.

key features:

  • made with high-quality alloy metal
  • studded with decadent rhinestones and gems
  • classic chain and medallion included
  • lighter and comfortable to wearing

Give your beauty a classical touch with spirituality with our golden Eye of Horus medallion.

Egyptian winged Goddess pendant

Featuring a decorative pendant of Isis, the Egyptian goddess of life and magic. The dazzling Egyptian pendant offers everlasting historical charm. Carry a beloved piece of Egyptian rich culture with yourself wherever you go with this marvelous Egyptian-winged Goddess pendant.

key features:

  • 2 x 1.7 inches
  • premium quality steel metal resists dullness
  • available in silver-plated designs
  • features the mighty Egyptian God of life and magic, Isis

Take your ordinary looks to heaven with this exquisitely beautiful pendant.

Why you should buy Ancient Egyptian Pendants and Necklaces

  • make excellent gifts for special occasions.
  • can go with any occasion; Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, wedding anniversaries, or birthday gifts, you name it and it has it.
  • Quality material at affordable prices
  • Don’t miss catching our exclusive discounts

Today, the most popular gift for Egyptian women is an Egyptian necklace. While it may sound strange, it may be more practical than you think.

In particular, if you are planning a formal event in your family, you may not have the occasion to wear an Egyptian necklace. Instead, you can give one to the woman in your family, which will save you money on buying a present.

Egyptian necklaces make exceptional gifts because you are giving her a beautiful piece of jewelry that has withstood the test of time.

Egyptian Necklace: Symbolism and Meaning

Jewelry is one of the oldest forms of adornment. The earliest known jewelry pieces come from ancient Egypt, dating back to around 3500 BC. Ancient Egyptian necklaces were made of gold, silver, carnelian, amethyst, lapis lazuli, and other gems

We often attached them with chains or ropes that went over the head. Today, Egyptian necklaces are still very popular because of their strong cultural ties and timeless beauty.

There have been many changes in how we wear jewelry over the years. 

However, there are a few traits that have remained true in most cultures: a desire to display wealth and social position through expensive materials and intricate designs.

These Pharaohs' Jewels may be given for any occasion: a birthday, graduation, Christmas, etc., or simply for the joy of pleasing. It will represent your feelings for him.

However, you must be cautious about the Ankh Necklace that you pick so that it pleases the individual, that it shows your interest in him, and that you are attentive to it.

It must be consistent with his interests and style, or represent a sign of your choice, in order for him to benefit from its protection.

We encourage you to explore our collection of Egyptian Necklaces from ancient Egypt. Whether you are searching for a present to give or a way to treat yourself, we recommend that you take advantage of the benefits of our Talisman Necklaces.

If you're searching for a present for your other half, a family member, or a friend, the Egyptian Style Necklace is a perfect choice. Indeed, it will be appropriate for the individual to whom you gift it, regardless of his age. Furthermore, you may present it to either a man or a woman.


Use them as an Egyptian charm 

The Protector Talisman will provide you with magical protection due to the symbols it shows. It will, according to its portrayal, allow you to benefit from the uniqueness of each of them.

Indeed, the Egyptians assigned each symbol a specific role; for example, the Scarab Pendant represents the solar deity, since the sun rises every morning; it is a symbol of rebirth for the dead and a powerful guardian for the living.

We will also discuss the Egyptian Ankh Cross, which is the cross of life and depicts immortality, with the upper rounded section signifying the gods' eternity and the cross below-indicating continuity.

The eye of the falcon god Horus, once reconstituted and returned to its owner by Thoth, becomes the Eye Udjat, considered a lucky charm by the Egyptians, it is associated with physical integrity and would have powers related to vision, such as allowing the deceased to see the world of the living, and so on.

Pharaohs are a sign of protection and authority since the Egyptians regarded them as living gods who would become deities in their own right after death, hence they wielded total power.

Why not go for a natural stone? They are well-known for their vibrational abilities. They enable you to establish balance in your daily life. Each stone has its unique powers, such as rose quartz, which promotes love and friendship, turquoise, which is recognized for its healing abilities, and so on. It is not always required to understand the qualities of each stone before selecting one; you can simply choose a stone that appeals to you; sometimes our unconscious performs an excellent job.


What about Egyptian Amulets? 

We have a large range of Egyptian Scarab Jewelry, including Ankh Necklaces with Ankh Pendants inspired by symbols of Egypt and occasionally decorated with hieroglyphs.

You may select it based on your tastes or your complexion; gold, for example, will sublimate a matte complexion. Indeed, gold will sublimate a matte complexion, whilst silver will highlight clean skin.

They embellished some variants with colorful cut stones. These gems, like the Magic Protection Pendant, are quite discrete and simple to wear daily.

in ordinary life, they will wonderfully finish your ensemble and highlight your neckline.

You can also choose to wear your Cross of Life Necklace to other events. As a result, you will profit from the enhancement. The Egyptian ladies knew how to enhance their attractiveness. You've also had a few options for the necklace. 

Indeed, we recommend you wear your Pharaoh Gold Pendant on gold, silver, or black chains, with various meshes such as the Jason mesh, whose chain is also one of the most pleasurable to wear, and the Figaro chain with its rhythm of many little meshes then a bigger one, and so on. If you like, you may even use alternative materials for the cables.

These beautiful necklaces will provide you with a plethora of options; you will change your delights by switching from the Egyptian Scarab Necklace to the Egyptian Cartouche Pendant.

We have an enormous selection of Egyptian Pendants to provide or to offer or to offer you for Eye of Horus necklaces that are both modern and vintage and will go with you in any situation. Experts in Egyptian Cartridge Jewelry, we provide you with highly attractive accessories at low costs through our website.

We also provide you the option of selecting your jewelry based on Egyptian symbols such as Egyptian Scarabs, Eye of Horus Jewelry, and Egyptian Plastron Necklaces.

In resume 

Egyptian necklaces have been around since ancient times and are still one of the most coveted luxury jewelry styles around. Let’s explore what makes them so special, what symbols they hold, and what they mean in today’s world.

Knowing the history of your jewelry gives it a deeper meaning. With this knowledge, you can customize it to your needs, help protect it from the elements and work with it to bring out its unique beauty. Now that you know how to wear a piece like an Egyptian Necklace, you can start making your outfit more unique