Egyptian Necklace

Ancient Egyptian jewelry held symbolic and religious importance along with ornamental values. The ancient Egyptian treasured their jewelry for its power against death and evil forces. They buried their deceased ones with their valuable jewelry because, in ancient Egypt, the dead ones were expected to look fine in the afterlife.

From poor workers to royal families, people of all statuses wore jewelry in ancient Egypt. The wealthy sect used precious gems, metals, and stones in their necklaces. The poor replaced them with painted clay, animal teeth, bones, and shells.

Variety of ancient Egyptian necklaces available at our store:

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 The wide selling product from our huge collections are: 

Egyptian Pharaoh necklace

Detailed with shimmering rhinestones all over to display your luxurious taste, introduce your Egyptian fashion taste with our precious Egyptian Pharaoh necklace, the God Amon! Amon is the Egyptian god of sun and air. Add an explicitly stylish look that goes with any outfit.

key features:

  • available in silver and gold colors
  • a symbol of the ancient Egyptian God, Amon
  • sparkling rhinestones are studded all around the trimming

This pendant guarantee to drive Ancient Egyptian history lovers crazy.

Egyptian Eye of Horus gold medallion

The Eye of Horus carries a symbolic significance for health, protection, and restoration in Egyptian history. Wear this necklace for the spiritual support of the Eye of Horus. The medallion and chain are made with solid alloy and studded with decorative rhinestones for extra flair.

key features:

  • made with high-quality alloy metal
  • studded with decadent rhinestones and gems
  • classic chain and medallion included
  • lighter and comfortable on wearing

Give your beauty a classical touch with spirituality with our golden Eye of Horus medallion.

Egyptian winged Goddess pendant

Featuring a decorative pendant of Isis, the Egyptian goddess of life and magic. The dazzling Egyptian pendant offers everlasting historical charm. Carry a beloved piece of Egyptian rich culture with yourself wherever you go with this marvelous Egyptian winged Goddess pendant.

key features:

  • 2 x 1.7 inches
  • premium quality steel metal resists dullness
  • available in silver-plated designs
  • features the might Egyptian God of life and magic, Isis

Take your ordinary looks to heaven with this exquisitely beautiful pendant.

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