Egyptian Scarab

The scarab beetle is one of the ancient Egyptian amulets. It was considered as the symbol of the sun god.

Egyptian scarab is the symbol of the Egyptian hieroglyph for "as is thy name". Egyptian scarabs symbolize strength, prosperity, and truth. They can be made in many different colors, including red, black, and white.

The Egyptians used to believe that the scarab symbol brings regeneration, rebirth, and whatever a deceased wished for. The Egyptians used stone-made scarabs as their ornaments and on their dresses to bring good fortunes for them. The Egyptians used to place a scarab beetle stone against the heart of mummified bodies. This was done to protect the body during its journey to the afterlife.

Scarab Egyptian jewelry:

The historical scarab is carved into body wearings or ornaments throughout the centuries. We take this scarab with a rich history to a new level by introducing different designs. You can wear it as a sign of wellbeing and good health. One can have a psychologically positive effect of the scarab symbol while wearing it.

A variety of Egyptian earrings and necklaces/pendants are among our collections with scarab work done.

Egyptian Scarab Earrings:

Gorgeous designs of Egyptian earrings brighten up your face and give you inner strength. We provide sleeper earring designs as well as long earrings. Different colors are available which makes it convenient for you to match it with the outfits. They are good for regular use as well as for party or date nights. Egyptian scarab earrings are studded with pearls or rhinestones which make them sparkle and match with your party wear.

Key Features:

*Perfect to bring a casual style to your outfit and to enhance your inner strength.

*The earrings are made of a high-quality steel material that does not dull or rusts easily. Also, it is easy to restore its shine by wiping it with a cloth.

*One earring measures 9 x 11 mm.


Gold and antique designs of pendants are in enormous demand these days. The antique designs are made of aesthetic colors, which gives you a look different than ordinary neck wearings. The luster of the gold or platinum and sparkles of the studded stones make them best for special occasional use. The Egyptian pendant symbolizes beauty, courage, and abundance for those who wear it.

Key features:

  • It is very light and pleasant to wear with a weight of 14g and a length of 45 cm.
  • The pendant is available in two colors, gold, and silver, to best dress your outfit.
  • For the base of the pendant, its diameter is as follows 0.78 x 1.18 x 0.78inch.

Gift this beautiful scarab jewelry to wish others good health and life!