A Cat god In Egypt : Bastet Goddess

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Bastet is an Egyptian goddess of home and domesticity, who protects the home from evil spirits and diseases especially of women and children.

The name Bastet means "She of the ointment jar" as she was associated with the protection and protective ointments. Bastet was also linked with the god of perfume and sweet smells. She is associated with Mau, the divine cat, and with Mafdet, goddess of justice. The people of Egypt came annually to the great festival of Bastet at Bubastis which was one of the most popular events of the year.

In the late Egyptian periods, large cemeteries of mummified cats were created and thousands of bronze statues were made and deposited at temples. These cats were the symbol for the cult of Bastet.

Goddess of Bastet theme-based products:

The Goddess of Bastet has a head of a cat and a slender female body, usually sitting with the gaze of a cat. The collection of Bastet-themed products include Egyptian Bastet cat statues, Egyptian candle holder Bastet Cat, Egyptian cat figurine, and Bastet goddess earrings. It is a must-buy product for cat lovers. The three main products in this category are: 

Egyptian Bastet Cat statues/figurine:

Egyptian cat statues are available in different colors and different designs. The cat sitting in an attentive position with stretched eas. A beautiful necklace or golden band is wrapped around the neck of the statue, which makes the Bastet statue more attractive and shows the importance of the Bastet for the Egyptians. The ears are pierced by shining golden earrings.

Key features:

  • Made of resin, it is very resistant to most shocks.
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  • It is the ideal gift for your friends, family, or yourself.
  • Size:4 x 5.1 x 14.1 inch
  • The statue is available in three colors Blue, Red, and Black.
  • The statue is relatively light, weighing 1.5kg.

Bastet Goddess earring:

Bastet Goddess Egyptian earrings give you a sense of protection and different elegance to your ears. The cat-shaped earrings with a neutral color match all your outfits. These cat earrings will make you the center of attraction where ever you go.

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  • A neutral color to match all your outfits: The Ancient Bastet Cat earrings are available in vintage silver color.

Candleholder Bastet Cat:

This product is sophisticated as well as unique in its design and style. It is perfect for use in restaurants or dining tables at home for a candlelight dinner to enjoy. It looks like a fire burning right above the head of the cat.

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These Bastet Godess are the best option for your loved ones and for yourselves. Buy and enjoy the ancient style today! 


Bastet Egyptian Goddess

Bastet is an Egyptian goddess with a cat's head. They worshipped her in the 18th, 19th, and 20th dynasties of ancient Egypt. One example of her power is that she would help people during childbirth. Bastet watches over the home, family, women, and children.

Bastet is one of many Egyptian gods who are used to protect humans from evil. If you're an Egyptologist or just curious about this popular culture figure, read on to find out more information about Bastet!

What is Bastet?

Bastet is a goddess in the Egyptian pantheon. She had been worshiped all over Egypt, but her main temple was in Bubastis. Her name comes from the word "bas" or "possessed".

In artwork created by Egyptians, Bastet is often seen as a woman with a cat's head. More specifically, she has the head of a lioness from the neck down and the ears of a house cat from the neck up.

Bastet is popular culture's favorite cat-headed goddess. She's often portrayed as an elegant woman with a cat's head holding up what looks like an ointment jar. Bastet watches over the home, family, women, and children.

There are many different things that Bastet symbolizes, but her main powers seem to be childbirth and protecting humans from evil. It's possible that Bastet's association with both light and fertility is what led to her being considered both good luck and bad luck depending on which side of her you're dealing with!

She was one of the more popular gods during the 18th to 20th dynasties because she would help people during childbirth. Bastet would watch over pregnant women and offer protection for their unborn children against any dangers that may come their way.

If you're an Egyptologist or just curious about this popular culture figure, read on to find out more information about Bastet!


The Symbolism of Cats

Cats have a long history in human culture, arguably dating back to the ancient Egyptians. A lot of cultures associate cats with good luck and prosperity. In China, for example, people would wear a picture of a cat on their clothing to attract wealth and good fortune.

In Ancient Egyptian society, cats were always present in households. Cats were often believed to have the power to ward off evil spirits. In Ancient Egypt, cats were also used to protect grain silos from rodents. Cats are considered to be intelligent, curious, and playful creatures in society.

In Egyptian culture, Bastet was popularly worshipped as a goddess of fertility and motherhood. She had an unusually popular cult that was widespread throughout Egypt. In fact, she is one of the most well-known Egyptian goddesses from this time period.

This popularity is because of her association with fertility and motherhood. The Egyptians worshipped Bastet as the protector and patroness of women and children. Often during childbirth, mothers would pray to her for help, which she gave by easing childbirth pains and protecting them from evil spirits.

Bastet also protected the home and family members inside it from external forces like thieves or natural disasters.


Who is Bastet?

Bastet is one of the most popular and well-known Egyptian goddesses. She was worshiped in ancient Egypt for nearly 3,000 years. The goddess has a cat's head and women would wear her symbol on their clothes to signify their family being protected by Bastet.

They often called Bastet upon to watch over the home, family, women, children, childbirth, and domestic animals. Some people also thought that she could bring victory to war!

They usually depicted the goddess as a woman with the head of a cat or sometimes just as a cat. She had an important role in protecting humans from evil spirits.

Some people have argued that the cat head represents the sun—a key component of life that drives away darkness. Others say it reflects her close connection to fertility.


What Does She Do?

Bastet is a goddess with a cat's head. She was worshiped in the 18th, 19th, and 20th dynasties of ancient Egypt. One example of her power is that she would help people during childbirth.

Bastet watches over the home, family, women, and children. She is one of many Egyptian gods who are used to protect humans from evil.

Bastet can be found in hieroglyphs and on tomb walls as well as other artwork created by Egyptians. Bastet was also worshiped in other countries such as Greece and Rome not just Egypt.

Bastet played an important role in everyday life for Egyptians living thousands of years ago because they believed that cats were associated with fertility and life after death. Cats were seen as symbols for good fortune and protection against bad luck such as misfortune or sickness.


What Does Bastet Mean to Us Today?


Cats are now seen as pets, not pests, and it is estimated that there are over 600 million cats in the world. Nine out of ten pet-owning households have at least one cat.

It is also said that the word "cat" comes from an Egyptian word which means "to see". Cats are known for their excellent night vision, making them perfect for spying on enemies or hunting prey.

Out of all the gods in Ancient Egypt, Bastet was worshipped the most thoroughly. She has her own holiday called Bastet Day on October 31st which is a celebration of Bastet's life and death.

One of the most popular ways to honor Bastet is through tattoos. It's not uncommon to see tattoos of her being worn on people's arms or ankles.

Many people are fascinated with Ancient Egypt culture because it's so different from what we see in our daily lives. If you find yourself curious about this popular culture figure, there are plenty of resources out there that can help you learn more about Bastet! The best place to start might be Wikipedia!

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The goddess Bastet was revered for her power to protect, heal, and guide. Cats are her sacred animals, which are said to have been domesticated by the Egyptians in the 4th millennium BC. Bastet's symbols are the lion, cat, sun disk, and home. The goddess of protection, fertility, and motherhood was said to have had the power to both bless and curse.