Ancient Egyptian Earrings

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In ancient Egypt, all the subjects except slaves, including men, women, and children wore fine, bright-colored, and heavy jewelry. Not only the jewelry reflected the wealth and the social status of the wearer in society but it was also thought to ward off evil spirits and evil powers, both here and in the afterlife.

In ancient Egypt, the statues of kings and gods were decked with valuable and lavish jewels. The dead ones were also adorned in heavy jewels for their farewell into the afterlife.

Among the huge variety, the most popular and widely selling earrings in our collection are Nefertiti earrings. Ankh Cross Earings, and Ancient Egypt Snake Earrings. 

Nefertiti earrings

Nefertiti is the queen of Egypt, an important name in the history of Egypt. These earrings not only signifies passionate love and beauty, but also a tribute to one of the most famous ancient Egyptian queen.

key features:

  • Nefertiti earrings are available in gold-plated
  • light and comfortable in wearing
  • a shiny and shimmering appearance

Put yourself in the shoes of the mighty queen of Nile with these Nefertiti gold earrings.

Ankh cross earrings

These delicate and beautiful earrings represent the Ankh cross, a symbol of ancient Egypt. the Ankh cross symbolizes the divine gift which was the attribute of gods of ancient Egypt, most often associated with the Goddess Isis. These high-quality shiny earrings are promised to seduce history lovers.

key features:

  • made of high-quality steel material, they resist dullness and rusting.
  • size: 0.7 x 0.27 x 0.7 inches.
  • very light and pleasant to wear
  • available in black, silver, and gold colors

 Ancient Egyptian snake earrings

Dress your ears with our hot trending Egyptian snake serpent earrings. These silver Egyptian snake earrings come in a gray color that will no doubt make Cleopatra proud of you. They make a perfect match with almost any occasional dress and are guaranteed to not go unnoticed. Gift them to your loved ones to make their day special.

key features:

  • elegant design that stands out
  • made with premium alloy metal that resists dullness
  • comes with a pair of earrings and a bag

Pop up your daily fashion with these Egyptian Snake Earrings. Check the below list to select more exciting designs. 

Ancient Egyptian jewelry was believed to hold divine powers. It is of great interest to ancient history enthusiasts and would make an excellent gift for your loved ones on their special days. You can gift it to your wife, girlfriend, special friend or your mother as well. Name the occasion and they are the go-to option as a gift.


The Earring is a masterpiece of Egyptian jewelry and is a national treasure.

While the enormous and intricate necklace may be considered one of the most ancient and recognizable pieces of Egyptian jewelry, earrings were equally significant statement items worn by both commoners and nobility across the ancient world.

Ancient Egyptian earrings were unknown during the 18th Dynasty (1550-1292 BC) when the country was at the height of its strength. Earrings were thought to have originated in Western Asia and were introduced into classical Egyptian jewelry creation. The 18th Dynasty was the first dynasty of the New Kingdom, which was characterized by historical figures such as King Tutankhamun and his pharaoh relatives Akhenaten and Nefertiti. The 18th Dynasty was the first dynasty of the New Kingdom, which was characterized by historical figures such as King Tutankhamun and his pharaoh relatives Akhenaten and Nefertiti.

Earplugs (a cylindrical piece of jewelry that fits into an ear-piercing) and huge hoop earrings were popular fashions during this time, and they are still popular now.

During this time, evidence of earlobe stretching has also been discovered in Egypt, and funeral paintings portraying men and women wearing earrings have also been discovered, both of which belong to the New Kingdom period. Furthermore, the British Museum is home to a set of Egyptian gold earrings that date back to the 19th Dynasty and are on display there (1292-1189 BC).

While some researchers believe that ancient Egyptian women were the ones who wore earrings the most, others believe that it was mostly males who could afford to decorate themselves in this fashion since they controlled the riches. Others assert that earrings were more frequent among children, as demonstrated by the prevalence of earrings in children's graves, and that this was the case. However, earrings were a popular kind of ornamentation that could be worn to indicate one's social standing and financial prosperity, ranging from simple stone plugs to art items embellished with gold, pearls, and pendants, among other things.


The ancient Egyptians' love of jewelry was much more extreme than that of other nations. Jewelry was more than simply a fashion item to them; it was a symbol of prosperity and protection, both here and in the hereafter. As a result, their jewelry has a lot of meaning, from the designs to the particular colors and jewels utilized.

There are several popular designs, such as the scarab, which represents rebirth, the Ankh, which symbolizes life and is used as a protective symbol, as well as the lotus, which represents the sun and creation, the eye of Horus, which is a symbol of protection, the Uraeus, and the knot of Isis (used for protection in the afterlife).

Many of these symbols had a connection to ancient gods and goddesses, such as the eye of Horus and Atum-lotus, Ra's which were linked to their respective deities' mythologies. When depicting Bastet, Egypt's most popular deity, it's common to see her dressed with a protective amulet, gold earrings, and gold nose ring.


Gold Earrings

They also associated materials and jewelry of the past with certain metaphysical characteristics that showed the status of the wearer. Jewelry composed of gold, precious and semi-precious stones such as lapis lazuli and obsidian could only be afforded by the wealthy and aristocratic, while colorful glass beads were only available to the well-to-do.

Color gold was the Egyptians' favorite since it was linked with the sun and was thought to symbolize the gods' flesh. With the discovery of this rich metal in the adjacent Nubian deserts some 5,000 years ago, people had easy access to it.

Silver Earrings 

Silver was seldom used in ancient Egyptian jewelry because of a lack of access to the metal there. Because it could only be got by importing it from Asia, they regarded it as more precious than gold. Silver was employed in ancient times in the shape of bracelets and little beads for necklaces, although it is not typically linked with Egyptian jewelry. However, it has an interesting connection to Isis because of its ethereal hue.