Anubis Necklace - Gold & Silver

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Anubis Pendant: A Symbol of Confidence and Protection

This beautiful Anubis Pendant will imbue you with confidence and protection. Anubis, the Egyptian god of funerals and necropolis, is known for his jackal's head and his role as the god of the desert and the necropolis. In ancient texts, he guided the dead into the other world and participated in the weighing of the heart. The canine form of this god may have been inspired by the behavior of canids, often opportunistic scavengers wandering at night in the necropolis in search of corpses.

This Anubis Pendant combines a beautiful jewelry piece with a timeless design and an eye-catching necklace. The pendant features a detailed design of the Anubis god, making this necklace a stylish and meaningful way to add a touch of antiquity to your look.

Key Features of the Anubis Pendant:

  • Necklace with Anubis pendant length: 60 cm
  • Size of the Anubis god: 2.4 cm
  • Available in two colors: gold and silver
  • An original gift for loved ones on occasions like Christmas, birthdays, or just for fun
  • Designed and manufactured with dedication and love to offer superior quality
  • Let yourself be tempted by this magnificent pendant!

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Anubis Necklace - Gold & Silver

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