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The ancient Egyptians both feared and revered the snakes at the same time. Egyptian snakes were a symbol of royalty in ancient times both in mighty Egypt and the rest of the world. Asp, the short form of aspis, is used in classical antiquity for a venomous snake. in ancient Egypt, the royal families used to wear jewelry and garments inspired by Egyptian snakes. Since then, it has been used as a symbol of pride and royalty. Such ornaments are worn lavishly by people all over the world to beautify their looks with the ancient Egyptian culture.

Our collections of ancient Egyptian snake-themed jewelry include bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and earrings.

 Egyptian snake bracelets:

The spiral-shaped snake bracelets were very popular among royal families in antiquity. Such bracelets were worn coiled around the wearer's wrists. This was a continuation of the fashion known to the ancient Greeks in the Classical and Hellenistic periods. The royal snake ornament was always worn in pairs on both hands at the wrists or upper arms. Our goldsmiths recreated the ancient ornament very carefully, making sure that the sinuous motions of the snake's body were well preserved. The bracelet starts with an Egyptian cobra's head and moves in a spiral fashion with a tapering tail. In the middle way, different scales and horns originate from the snake’s body, adding to the refinement of the bracelet.

The snake bracelet comes with the following features:

  • width: 2.6inches
  • length: 5.4inches
  • made with a premium high-quality vintage silver alloy
  • the bracelet comes in a shimmering silver-colored tone
  • the adjustable size that can fit anyone's wrists
  • a great gift to a friend or loved ones who are interested in ancient ornaments, especially Egyptian ones.

 Make your wrist look stand out in the crowd with this beautiful Egyptian snake-themed arm bracelet.

Snake-themed pendants and necklaces:

Ancient Egyptian snake-themed pendants and necklaces are the modern celebration of ancient Egyptian culture. These beautiful pendants come in three different colors with a fearsome king cobra slithering around a rod that represents both resilience and charm at the same time.

Made with great care by our goldsmiths, the Egyptian king cobra's exceptional details reflect the love of ancient Egyptian culture for these reptiles. Cobras were admired by the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs and the royal families because they hold great importance from history's point of view.

the key features of the Egyptian snake pendant are:

  • made from premium stainless steel that resists dullness.
  • comes in appealing black, silver, and gold colors to suit your taste
  • retouch your daily casual look to the max with these premium ornaments

make your daily ordinary look standout with these Egyptian snake stainless steel pendants.

Egyptian snake earrings:

The elegant Egyptian snake earrings will give the cherry-on-top-of-the-cake touch to your special occasion dress. Reflect your burning desire for ancient culture with these marvelous ancient Egyptian cobra-themed earrings.

The key features of these earrings are:

  • made with premium copper metal that resists minor pressure and maintains its shine for a longer period
  • finished with gold plating, two beautiful green stones are embedded at the eyes of the cobra
  • several rhinestones give an extra glare to the earrings
  • beautifully designed king cobra earrings that elate a sense of power.

Give yourself the queen look that you deserve with these explicitly beautiful earrings.