Egyptian Jewelry: A Short Guide

Egyptian Jewelry: A Short Guide


If you love non-standard and creative accessories, you must have paid attention to Egyptian-style jewelry at least once. But choosing the right and high-quality Egyptian jewelry is not an easy task. You have to know what jewelry are there and for what style will be appropriate. This article will discuss all these things. Before moving further, let's discuss the history of Egyptian jewelry:


A Bit Of History


In Ancient Egypt, accessories were used not only by women but also by representatives of the stronger sex. The items were made of silver, gold, and copper; they were inlaid with various minerals and stones. Of these, the following were the most common:

  • amethyst;

  • turquoise;

  • opal;

  • Garnet.

As a result, the decorations turned out to be very colorful, which is the main feature of this style.

Nowadays, you can find different types of Egyptian jewelry that are still in demand. These include brightly colored bracelets, earrings, large rings, amulets, etc.

The most common accessories of that time were bright trapezoidal necklaces around the neck.

Also, in the jewelry, there is a scarab beetle, which was a symbol of rebirth. Rings with the image of this insect were put on the fingers of the deceased, and then the person was buried in the hope that he would find a new life. Some products were created specifically for the departed to guide them on their next journey.

Ancient Egypt's jewelry art is distinguished by its brightness and originality, thanks to which the products of that time were massive and luxurious.

Egyptian Jewelry Of Our Time


As for modernity, as mentioned earlier, some accessories in the Egyptian style are still worn today. Although they are no longer so bright and pretentious, past years' features can still be found in them. Nowadays, jewelry stores sell jewelry with minimalistic ornaments, which can be depicted with hieroglyphs or other symbolism.

In the tourism business, copies of ancient artifacts are common, the appearance of which is similar to ancient rings or necklaces. Another trendy option is a bracelet with a lotus decor. It is decorated with different stones: turquoise, lapis lazuli, and onyx. The product is a symbol of longevity and positive energy. Also, images of a scarab beetle are still popular. Now, rings are sold with it and pendants, pendants, Egyptian earrings, etc. At the moment, the insect symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

You can often see wide bracelets, which were worn in Ancient Egypt. Now they are made of leather or wire and decorated with colorful patterns. You can even make such a product with your own hands since many shops for creativity have all the necessary materials.

Egyptian symbols are still in trend and are in great demand among tourists.


How To Wear And What To Combine


Accessories need to be worn correctly to keep them fit. Their large size looks massive and attracts more attention, diverting it from the whole image. To avoid this, it is worth following some recommendations :

  1. Wide bracelets will be successfully combined with earrings or necklaces in the same style. You should not wear more than two elements at a time, as the image will turn out to be overloaded.

  2. Large sparkly necklaces are perfect for themed events or photoshoots. In everyday life, such a detail would be inappropriate.

  3. If you like mysticism, then you can safely choose options with scarab beetles, sacred birds, snakes, and the sun.

  4. If you want to buy your own personal amulet or charm in a similar style for your everyday look, then you can pay attention to the signs "Ankh" and "Egyptian eye."

  5. Oversized necklaces will go well with strapless dresses or tops. With them, the neck and shoulders will be as open as possible, which will help you to place accents in your image successfully.

Egyptian jewelry will suit bold, bright, and extraordinary personalities who like to be the center of attention. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to purchase accessories made of precious metals. If your goal is to create an image for a holiday or a photo shoot, then bright jewelry is quite suitable. If you like the culture of Ancient Egypt, then we advise you to opt for pendants with hieroglyphs or amulets.

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