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The Egyptian Ankh, known as the "symbol of life" was originally an Egyptian hieroglyph representing "life". the ancient Egyptians placed the Ankh on the lips of their dead kings, a way to show that death is nothing but a mere transition to the afterlife. Ankh was a symbol of immortality in ancient Egyptian culture. 

The Egyptian Cross is a symbol of God's favor. The Egyptian cross consists of two straight lines joined by a small diagonal. The overall shape resembles a human body, and the cross symbolizes power, strength, and victory.

The symbol of Ankh has also been interpreted to represent a balance between opposing forces. It also represents joy, fertility, and energy. Some historians claim that The Ankh represents a union between sexes, thus a symbol for life and fertility. No matter the symbolic representation, there is no doubt denying its importance in ancient Egyptian history.

Our collection of ancient Egyptian Ankh Cross jewelry:

Our Ankh theme-based jewelry includes silver sterling earrings with an Ankh cross, the Anubis God black wolf ring, the bracelet of life, the Egyptian bracelet of Ankh, women's earrings, queen Nefertiti's Egyptian earrings, Ankh cross earrings, Egyptian Ankh cross pendant and necklaces, Egyptian vampire earrings, Egyptian snake pendant, Gold pyramid pendant, Egyptian silver pendant with Ankh cross, Egyptian steel Ankh necklace, and men's Ankh cross pendant.

Anubis God black ring with golden wolf

The magnificent ring represents the head of the ancient Egyptian God, Anubis. Anubis is the name given to the ancient Egyptian deity by his mother, Isis. the name carries significance concerning the water, wind, and desert. This beautiful ring will bring you style and originality.

key features:

  • skin-friendly, non-toxic, anti-allergy, odorless, and dullness-resistant titanium steel
  • delicate design, fine and smooth texture that resists wear and tear.
  • size: 0.98in wide
  • weighs 0.013 gms

Egyptian earrings for women

Smbolizd with the Ankh cross, these beautiful shiny earrings represent the symbol of life. When the cross is made with gold, it is associated with the south, an oval shape that is representative of the eternal existence of the ancient Egyptian deities. These ancient Egyptian royal symbolic rings represent continuation and extension.

key features:

  • the high-quality steel material resists wearing and dullness
  • size: 0.7 x 0.27 x 0.7 inches
  • very light and pleasant to wear

These premium quality ancient Egyptian earrings will seduce the enthusiasts of ancient Egyptian history.

Egyptian Ankh Cross necklace

Be the beacon of hope in society by wearing our classic Egyptian necklace studded with Ankh Cross. This ancient Egyptian jewel is a symbol of life, giving you divine and spiritual power. The premium gold metal studded with shimmering rhinestones is a guaranteed cherry-on-top to your casual dresses.

key features:

  • made with premium gold metal
  • comes with a pendant and a chain
  • studded with sparkling rhinestones
  • light and very pleasant to wear

Express your love for ancient Egyptian culture with this marvelous necklace.

Why should you buy the ancient Egyptian Ankh Cross necklace?

  • An excellent item that can be gifted on any occasion
  • Express your love to ancient Egyptian culture enthusiasts with our Ankh Cross jewels
  • Premium quality material available at affordable prices
  • A must-go-to gift on valentines’ days to please your girlfriend


The Ankh: symbol of life and eternity

The Meaning of the Ankh

The Ankh represents eternal life. For the ancient Egyptians, the ankh was a symbol of immortality and fertility. They also associated it sometimes with the goddess Isis. The Egyptians believed it had great power, and they often carved them into their sarcophagi as a sign of protection.

Egyptians wore Ankh’s amulet to ward off evil spirits and protect them from harm. This is because the ankh resembles a cross, which is a symbol used by many religions to ward off evil and protect believers.

The Egyptians would often use the ankh as a hieroglyph, often at the end of a sentence, to show that it was complete. 


An example would be:

Ankh Hedjet

the Horizon of the Ankh

The Horizon of the Ankh is complete


The Ankh is not only associated with life but also the union of opposites, like male and female.

An Ankh was one hieroglyph that the god Osiris carried in his right hand. Osiris was the god associated with death and rebirth.

They also associated the ankh with the union of opposites in nature. One example is the dark and light sides of the moon. The ankh has been used to symbolize the sun, which is both day and night, life and death.

Finally, the Ankh is often used to represent the union of male and female, as seen in Egyptian art depicting Isis carrying it by her side.

Other gods who were depicted carrying the Ankh include Horus and Sobek. They also associated this symbol with water because of its shape, reminiscent of a water droplet. 

The Ankh has been around for over six thousand years and is important to note that it does not represent anyone’s specific deity like other symbols, like the cross for Christianity or the crescent for Islam.


How the Ankh Came to Be

The Ankh is a popular symbol that has been used for over six thousand years and it's one of the oldest known symbols in human history. It is the earliest known ankh that comes from the Proto-dynastic period of Egyptian History. The symbol was created by putting a T-shaped handle on a horizontal crossbar. 

The Egyptians were one of the first civilizations to value death as the next step in the cycle of life. Death was a necessary and natural part of that cycle. And because death was such an important aspect of Egyptian life, they created a symbol for life and the afterlife.

The Ankh is a hieroglyphic symbol that has been found on many artifacts and tomb paintings dating back to as early as 5000 BC and continuing on through the first century.  

We thought the symbol to have developed from an abbreviation representing a sandal strap. Its shape resembles a key, which may have been used to lock the door of the dead tomb. The word ankh also has its origins in the Egyptian word for life, "Ankhu." 

We also considered the ankh to be the key of life because it has a small loop that can carry it around. The loop is supposed to resemble a person's head, and they often carried the ankh as a pendant.

The word “ankh” means “life” and is often translated to mean “eternal life.” Interestingly, most scholars agree the Ankh predates Egyptian civilization and may have been developed by people of the Fertile Crescent.

There are a few theories on why Egyptians used the Ankh as a symbol. One of the most popular theories is that Egyptians saw it as a metaphor for the sexual union between Isis and Osiris, which was said to have created all life. 

Others have suggested that the Ankh is a combination of two ancient Egyptian symbols: the Djed, which means stability, and the Was, which means life. In ancient times, Egyptians used the Ankh as amulets to ward off evil spirits and protect people from harm.


What does the Ankh Symbolize?

They used the Ankh in writing because it was a hieroglyph that had no meaning on its own. It is a complex icon with a deep meaning. We can interpret the symbol itself as a sign of life and as an element that links the heavens and the earth, as well as the worlds of the living and the dead.

The Ankh symbolizes life, power, and immortality. We can see it including the sun or the Nile River. 

It is often used to signify life or the idea of life after death. Some people believe it's a sign of reproductive power because the ankh looks like a cross-section of a woman's pelvic area.

The Ankh can represent everything from the sun to the Nile River. They also used the ankh in various ways in popular culture, including in the music of Metallica and the film The Mummy Returns.

The Ankh symbolizes eternal life. It's thought that the ankh was originally a stylized representation of the human form. We closely related the ankh to the lotus which is a symbol of rebirth in Buddhism and Hinduism.

Some speculate that they derived it from a sandal strap, or a knot used to tie garments together. 

Myths and Misconceptions About the Ankh

Even though the ankh has been around for thousands of years, we have lost its deep meaning in time. 

The Ankh is also sometimes mistaken for the symbol of the Pope and Christianity, but this is not true. The Pope and Christianity do not use the ankh as a symbol at all.

The Ankh is often confused with the Christian cross or the Islamic crescent, both of which have different meanings than the ankh. 

The ancient Egyptians are gone, but their symbols remain. To understand the true meaning of the Ankh, one has to look to ancient Egypt. 

The symbol has been around for over six thousand years. It's important to note that the ankh does not represent anyone’s specific deity like other symbols. 

Despite the connection between Ankh and Isis, it is not true that they only associated it with her. It is also used to represent Osiris and Nephthys and other deities.

In some images, we can see it as a representation of a key. Legend has it that Isis found the ankh in the water. 


The Place of the Ankh in Modern Society

The Ankh has been recognized as a symbol of power and life by many cultures, but it's particularly recognized in the New Age movement. 

It's often used to represent the union of male and female, earth and heaven, and past, present, and future. The Ankh is a popular tattoo design because it's a symbol that can be personalized to represent different things to different people.

We have featured the ankh in movies like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Raiders of the Lost Ark and TV shows like Xena Warrior Princess.

Ankh tattoos are also popular among people who wish to commemorate a loved one or celebrate their own lives. Some celebrities, like Dave Navarro and Khloe Kardashian, have sported ankh tattoos on their bodies.

Today, people of all faiths wear as jewelry The Ankh. In fact, the African Diaspora adopted The Ankh as a symbol of life in slavery. It was a sign of victory and hope for a better future.

The Ankh is a timeless symbol that many groups have used across many cultures. It's still meaningful today, whether you're trying to commemorate someone you love or celebrate your own life, or if you just want something new on your body!


Is the ankh powerful?

The Ankh is a powerful symbol of life and immortality. We use the symbol in a variety of different cultures for different purposes.

In some cultures, we believe the ankh protects us from death and provides a sense of vitality. In other cultures, the ankh is a symbol of union.

The Ankh is a powerful symbol because it means life and immortality, which are two powerful things when you look at them from a spiritual perspective.

The ankh also has loops that create the shape of infinity, which is also a very potent spiritual symbol.

So, is the Ankh powerful? Yes, the Ankh is a powerful symbol of life and immortality. 

How to activate the Ankh

We often depicted the ankh with one end pointed up to symbolize the breath of life, while we pointed the other end down to symbolize the earth. 

It's better to consult with your religious leader if you are interested in incorporating this symbol into your rituals.

One way to activate the ankh in your home is to light sage and walk through the house in a circle, visualizing white light in each room. You can also make an ankh out of clay and bury it in your yard.

You can activate a key by holding it by a candle and imagining your goal coming into reality.