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In geometry, the pyramid is defined as a polyhedron shape. The lower part has a square base, the upper part is a pointed apex, and four triangular sides. In geometry, the triangular shape is considered the strongest and most liked by architects.

Significance of Pyramid Shape:

There are many theories about the use of pyramid shapes by the Egyptians. Some say that the pyramid represents the first land that appears at the beginning of life, a "Ben-Ben Hill". The Egyptian Pharaohs were buried inside the pyramid-shaped tombs and it was believed that the Pharaoh could use the sliding sides to climb the sky and live there forever. Some are of the thought that the pyramid represents the rays of the sun. The Egyptians considered the pyramid as a method of providing new life to the dead.

Pyramid Figurines:

Some people have a strong belief in the effects of different shapes on their life, just like the lucky numbers people have. As a pyramid or triangular shape is a symbol of strength so many people use it to give them a feeling of strength.

We provide three varieties of Pyramid Figurines; the gemstone pyramid figurine, crystal glass pyramid figurine, and metallic pyramid figurine.

Gemstone Pyramid Figurine:

Different gemstones are carved with pure elegance into a pyramid shape. Polishing the surface gives it extra shine. This is a three-in-one product to buy. You must be wondering, How?

  • The pyramid made of your lucky stone brings you charm and good luck. So it is a must-buy for those who believe in stones. So grab your lucky stone to decorate your tables or shelves.
  • The triangular shape symbolizes strength and power.
  • It gives your office, study tables, or shelves an alluring look.

These Crystal Pyramid Figurines are available in different stones which ;

improves concentration, awareness, and questioning abilities.

  • Amethyst: Gets rid of stress and removes anger and sadness.
  • Rose quartz: Attracts and grows love.
  • Tiger eye: Reduces chronic pains, improves the strength of the spine, and detoxifies the body.
  • Green fluorite: Gets rid of negative energy.
  • Purple fluorite: Gains high concentration levels, self-confidence, and improves in decision-making.
  • Dragon blood jasper: Promotes creativity, courage, and strength of will.
  • Rhodonite: Removes emotional wounds and scars from the past.
  • Lapis lazuli: Boosts the immune system, lowers blood pressure and purifies the blood.

Size: 3,75 x 3,75 x 3 cm (1,47" x 1,47" x 1,82")

 Weight: 40 gram 

Crystal Glass Pyramid Figurine:

The elegant pyramid-shaped glass decor gives your interior a sophisticated look. A decent design will grab the attention of people. It is made of pure storm glass with fluid inside the pyramid. It is available in two sizes and is the best choice for wedding or birthday gifts. Apart from its aesthetic look, it gives you a feeling of strength and power. The light falling on the pyramid surface refracts through the pyramid surfaces and forms a prism (the colorful light), which is exquisite to watch.

Metallic Pyramid Figurine :

The pyramid figurine is made of platinum or iron, on which different spiritual Egyptian patterns are crafted. The sign may be of the Ankh, Eye of Horus, the Anubis god, or Nefertiti. This brings the spiritual powers of the pyramid and signs made over it, to your life. You can put it as an antique decor piece in your guest rooms or living rooms.

Embellish your living rooms with pyramid figurines or statues to entice the eyes of people!


Crystal Pyramid is an Energy Enhancer 

Have you ever seen a crystal pyramid? A pyramid is a structure that has a square-based shape with the top part narrower than the bottom. Pyramids were originally built as tombs for rulers and pharaohs iancient Egypt. Nowadays, people use them as decorations and to give their home an original feel and a spiritualty vibe.

In our society, we always hear about the different ways to improve our life. But with so many options,

it can be hard to single out which is best for you. It’s been proven that crystals have a profound effect on a person’s mental health and well-being.It is believed that holding crystals or placing them on your body promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Crystals are said to achieve this by interacting positively with your body's energy field, or chakra. Some stones are supposed to relieve tension, while others are said to promote attention or creativity.

Crystals are alive and they connect with people in their unique way. However, if you don’t know how to use them correctly, they can do more harm than good. Here are some helpful tips on how to use a crystal pyramid for your specific needs!

How can you use one to enhance your life? Here, are some ways you can use a crystal pyramid to manage your mood, increase your creativity, and improve your sense of well-being!

Crystal Pyramid - Egyptian Fever

What is Crystal a Pyramid? 

The Pyramid focuses on the light.

It absorbs cosmic energy, magnifies them, and disperses them.
It acts as a catalyst to promote attention, meditation, relaxation, and so on, and to harmonize them as an energy potential.

We orient it to the four cardinal points (sides rather than angles) and thereby deal with the four energies: earth, water, fire, and air.

Sacred Geometry is a repository of human-created information that we have forgotten, lurking in our subconscious.

It signifies the creation's global language.

The entire universe is structured in perfect harmony.

Planetary orbits around the sun are built in highly specific proportions and patterns.
Constant connections may be found throughout everything of creation, including crystals, plants, animals, and the human body.

Sacred Geometry helps you to connect with the Universe while also doing physical, emotional, or mental healing work.

This language, once comprehended by the intellect and felt by the heart, fosters the creation of a new reality.

Warning: this material is provided as a guideline only; it does not represent medical advice, nor does it imply our responsibility.
Non-contractual photographs are subject to inaccuracies and omissions.

How does the crystal pyramid work?

A pyramid is an effective tool for clearing mental clutter and opening your mind to new possibilities.

Crystals are believed to amplify the frequency of the waves in our bodies. When you see a crystal, the ionic state of the crystal is similar to the electrical activity in your body. 

This effect of the crystal can release negative emotions that you hold, which can help improve your state of mind.

You can use crystal pyramids to cleanse your body and mind, reduce stress, increase your creativity, and promote physical well-being.

To create, you need to rely on yourself and your abilities. Your reality is determined by your thoughts. You need to raise your vibration and set your intentions.

Crystals are earth-based minerals that take a long time to form. This is why you will find that some of the smaller pieces on the pyramid are very white, whereas the larger ones are a variety of different colors. Crystals come in different shapes and sizes.

If you are looking for a new or easy way to clear your mind, you may want to try a crystal pyramid!

Crystal pyramids have been used for thousands of years by ancient civilizations, and crystals have been shown to have a healing, relaxing, and healing energy all their own. 

egyptian crystal

Crystals and Their Healing Properties

You can use different types of crystals to improve your energy.

Most of us are familiar with the different forms of crystal including quartz, calcite, onyx, and chalcedony. But did you know that there are even more types out there? 

You could use citrine, azurite, or amethyst to give your energy a lift.

If you feel like you’re super tired, you can try using quartz crystal to boost your energy.

There are different types of blue-green and clear crystals that are used for healing purposes! And that’s just the beginning! There are even a few types of crystals that people have made especially for relaxation and stress relief. 

The marble crystal is an excellent choice because it is extremely relaxing and comforting.

There are different types of crystals that can be used for energy work, but they all share the same properties of allowing you to become aware of your thoughts. When you are energized, you feel alert, focused, and relaxed at the same time. Try using these tips to become energized in your life!

As you may already know, crystals can reflect the energy and transform negative energy into positive energy. There are several ways in which you can heal yourself with a crystal pyramid.

Using crystals, you can increase self-confidence and boost your self-esteem. You can also relax your mind, which will ultimately lead to a positive mood. These stones will also improve your concentration and allow you to feel calmer. A clear-headed person is a relaxed person.

Pyramids can be utilized to take bad energies from the chakras, replace them with good energy, and improve the crystal's concentration. They are also excellent decorative elements.

Amethyst Pyramid

Amethyst is thought to offer medicinal qualities in addition to its beauty. It is a highly effective spiritual stone that energizes the mind, body, and soul. It is excellent for insomnia and restless sleep. It takes away fear, fury, worry, and anger. It also increases hormone production.

Clear quartz pyramid 

It is incredibly adaptable and may be programmed for any purpose. Excellent for dizziness and vertigo. Dispels static electricity. Aids the immune system and thyroid. Helps the connection to spirit.

Rose quartz pyramid

Rose Quartz is reported to offer a variety of qualities in addition to its aesthetic appeal. It is a traditional 'love stone,' useful for attracting, retaining, and boosting fertility. It promotes self-forgiveness and will ease your pain if you have loved and lost someone. It may also aid in the smoothing of the skin and the relief of burns and blisters. It may also aid with lung and renal issues, as well as vertigo.

How to use a crystal pyramid?

When you’re in a difficult situation, meditation is an effective way to calm your mind.

You can try a mantra or meditate on a moving crystal or look for a crystal that fits your focus. You can also try holding a crystal in your hand.

If you want to use a crystal pyramid for relaxing your mind, you can have a glass of water in your hand, put the pyramid in it, and breathe deeply.

Place your hand over the crystal and imagine it can vibrate to create energy. 

When you need to be more relaxed, you can just hold the crystal, close your eyes, and imagine it in your hand.

Since you’re sitting, you also need to be fully focused on the crystal.

With the help of a crystal pyramid, you can connect with each of the energy chakras. Some types of crystals fit perfectly for this, especially those that are also associated with the color red.

crystal pyramid

Where to place crystal pyramid at home?

Pyramids can be used anywhere in the house or even outside. They are very efficient in storing and transferring energy.

If you place a crystal pyramid in your bedroom or your living room, it will help you to relax and think clearly. Try to keep your pyramid at the lowest point of the room.

It’s recommended that the crystal pyramid should be kept at a room temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Any higher temperature can damage the crystal. 

Always avoid placing a crystal pyramid near electronic devices like phones, computers, and television.

Also, avoid keeping your pyramid in your bathroom where heat is produced, which can reduce the effect that a crystal pyramid can have.

Some of the benefits of wearing a crystal pyramid at home are:

  • Feel calm and focused
  • Speak less and listen more
  • You’ll feel calm and open-minded

Since crystals can be used to alter energy, they can positively impact a person’s health. For example, wearing a crystal can help improve your sleep cycle.

crystal pyramid 6

How to use a crystal pyramid to attract?

For centuries, women have been wearing chakras, amulets, and crystals to attract love, money, and luck. 

This practice has been passed down in the belief that energy flows through the chakras, giving them life and energy, and that the planet is not the problem, but your thoughts are.

To attract love, you need to align yourself with the qualities that attract love.

If you’re in the wrong place for love, you’ll attract indifference. In the wrong place for money, you’ll attract poverty. If you’re in the wrong place for luck, you’ll attract misfortune.

Crystals work the same way. You need to take some time to sit down and connect to the crystal you’re thinking about.

The crystal pyramid can attract positive energies to it. Imagine the positive energy like a giant ball of energy – it’s more sensitive to the vibrations of positive energy. 

Just as a magnet is attracted to a steel bar, this is how crystals attract positive energy to them. 

When you align the negative energy, negative vibrations, and positive vibrations all in one place, then it is time to attract that energy to the pyramid.


Crystal Pyramid 7

How to use a clear quartz crystal pyramid?

To use the crystal pyramid, you’ll need clear quartz crystal. The ones you buy from a store will vary, but they all will have the same minerals. 

Quartz is a brilliant form of crystal. It’s the hardest known crystal in the world, and it can last for centuries. It also is a highly conductive crystal, meaning it transmits the electricity from your body into the crystal.

It helps regulate your brain waves and also helps in determining what your next action is. You can also communicate with other people using the crystal’s properties.

You need a stone for each of the areas that you’re going to work with.

Crystal pyramids come in different shapes and sizes. They have a pyramid shape with crystals placed on top of it. They can also be placed on a floor, for instance. You can wear the crystal pyramid over your head or you can put it in a bowl. They can also be used as decorative decorations. This is a good thing as they do have a nice appearance.

What will happen to your mind and body when you wear a crystal pyramid?

When you wear a crystal pyramid, you will feel different. The crystal pyramid emits positive vibrations. You will also notice a change in your mood, from feeling down to feeling positive and energetic. This positive vibe is uplifting and motivating. By wearing a crystal pyramid, you will find yourself smiling and laughing a lot.

Most of us are just a single person in the universe. Our purpose in life is to help others to achieve their potential. A crystal pyramid can help you to enhance your connection to your spiritual world and let you feel a deeper connection to what you’re doing.

If you’re trying to understand your purpose, you need to use a crystal pyramid. Find one that is based on your natural chakras and then place it near where you’re doing your most important work. This will allow you to tune into your feelings more efficiently and connect with your higher self.

Crystal Pyramid 8

The mineral classes

The chemical composition of minerals can be used to classify them. It's a good idea to be familiar with the eight major families when it comes to lithotherapy. They do, in fact, have distinct energy features.

  • The native elements, for example, diamond, with its purity and one-of-a-kind quality.
  • Oxides, including ruby, sapphire, and hematite, have stimulating characteristics.
  • Sulfides, such as pyrites or blendes, allow obstructed energy to be released.
  • Silicates are the most common type of mineral. Garnet promotes independence, tanzanite regenerates, tourmaline channels energy, jade calms, charoite shields against external influences, and labradorite soothes.
  • Carbonates such as calcite or malachite might be beneficial to a kid or an old person.
  • Phosphates, such as turquoise, detoxify the body.
  • Sulfates, like angelite, are a unique class that shields from the outer world.
  • The halides, such as fluorite, have clarifying qualities.

Colors of Crystals Pyramids

  • The first chakra is associated with the concept of "incarnation" and is represented by the red gemstones jasper, garnet, ruby, and spinel.
  • The second chakra is associated with "fecundity" and is represented by the orange color: fire opal, carnelian, and moonstone.
  • The third chakra is yellow, representing "discernment": citrine, amber, tiger's eye, pyrite, calcite, sunstone.
  • Aventurine, emerald, rose quartz, kunzite, aphrodite, and rhodochrosite are the green stones associated with the fourth chakra, which represents "love."
  • The turquoise, chrysocolla, larimar, and blue calcite are the blue chakras associated with "communication."
  • The lapis lazuli, sapphire, azurite, and tanzanite are the lapis lazuli, sapphire, azurite, and tanzanite are the lapis lazuli, sapphire, azurite, and tanzanite are the lapis lazuli, sapphire, azurite, and tanzanite
  • And the seventh chakra, with the violet color and the key word "soul": amethyst, sugilite, charote, violet fluorite.



It is a good idea to give crystals a try! The following are several benefits of using crystals for mental health and well-being.

  • Improve your self-esteem
  • Enhance your creativity
  • Reassure you
  • Enhance your focus
  • Decrease stress
  • Improve sleep