Egyptian Eye Makeup History: Ancient Beauty Secrets From Egypt

Egyptian Eye Makeup History: Ancient Beauty Secrets From Egypt

We all appreciate the cat eye smoky eye of Egyptian or Greek queens. It draws attention to your eyes and makes them look bold. With a little practise, you can accomplish that look, whether it’s for a Halloween costume or just a dramatic makeup effect.
It’s difficult to find a beauty concept that dates back over 1600 years. One of them is Egyptian makeup. The ancient Egyptians were among the first people to use eye cosmetic products to express themselves. Many Egyptian ladies drew their eyes in black or green, and some even used coal or pencil eye liner to draw on their brows and also to make eye shapes. This led to the first explorations in cosmetics, as we know them today. There are many ways to incorporate this beautiful culture’s beauty natural makeup secrets into your appearance. Here are some pointers on how to achieve an Egyptian-inspired eye makeup look! how to apply eye makeup or eye shadows on the eyes this blog I am sharing some gorgeous ancient egyptian makeup tips and tricks. Some about glamorous beauty products that are in fashion nowadays.

What is Egyptian eye makeup?

Egyptian eye makeup is one of the most ancient beauty styles. I well known it the employment of black and green eye pigments. Many Egyptian ladies drew their eyes in black or green, and some even used charcoal or kohl to draw on their brows or eyelids. This led to the first explorations in cosmetics, as we know them today.
Eyeliner is a relative invention in makeup products. Egyptians had to do the exact opposite to make themselves more glamorous and natural look in ancient times. They wore kohl eyeliner as an eye shadow and colourful lipsticks or lip liner in red and blue. Ancient Egyptians believed tattoos to be a kind of beauty. Cleopatra was one of the first women in history to wear mascara, according to legend. Here are some ancient Egyptian beauty trends that we can still see today!


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Traditional Egyptian Eye Makeup

A dark brown or black-winged liner applied close defines the Egyptian eye makeup look to the lash line. They commonly used Kohl for this because it can last for days. To produce a winged line, kohl applies to the outer corners of the eyes. This winged line adds depth to the eyes and makes them more expressive and bright.

Modern Egyptian Eye Makeup

Drawing a thick line in black liner right under the bottom lashes is one of the most common ways to get an Egyptian eye makeup look. You can also use a winged eyeliner or a vivid green kohl to add drama to your look. Shimmer is also a best eye makeup product for a wedding makeup look.
Bright, bright hues are a terrific way to add an antique flair to your cosmetics. If you don’t want to wear black or green, experiment with purples, blues, reds, and yellows. It’s all about getting the perfect tint for your skin tone in order to appear as natural as possible.
Use gold eyeshadow if you want to keep your look more casual while still paying attention to this lovely culture’s beauty secrets. I associated Gold with special occasions, such as weddings and festivities. For a similar celebratory effect, try a lighter colour, like yellow, all over your lid.
This season, try these ideas for obtaining perfection in glamorous Egyptian eye makeup look!

Ways to achieve the look of Egyptian eyes

We can achieve an Egyptian eye makeup smoky eyes appearance in a variety of makeup tones.

    • Using a black gel eyeliner pencil on your upper and lower lash line is one of the most common approaches.
    • Another option is to use kohl to draw the Egyptian bindi symbol on your forehead.

    • Apply a tiny layer of green or brown eye shadow from any pigmented pallets, to your eyelids and under-eye area, then blend it out with a will be a flawless makeup look. You can also watch makeup tutorials of famous makeup artist to learn about makeover guide.

    • Another wonderful tip is to use silver glitter as an eyeshadow highlighter, highlight under your brow bone for a glowing look!
    • Using liquid waterproof eyeliner on your top lashes and smudging it upward into the crease line to volume your eye is the final approach to get this look.
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Egyptian eye Makeup Give You a Royal Lift

Egyptian makeup cosmetics;
Its use of bright colors and expressive contouring known Egyptian makeup. It’s noted for its deep hues, which are considered more glamorous than natural hues. They frequently use black gel eyeliner to line the eyes, waterproof mascara to coat the top and bottom lashes, and lipstick to cover the lips.

The eyes are frequently the focal element of this style. For example, a black shadow might cover the entire lid, or we could utilise rainbow hues to create a gradient appearance. you can also utilise false eyelashes with eyelash curler to add volume and length to your makeup look.

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Egyptian eye makeup has been popular for centuries and continues to be so now. Ancient Egyptian beauty secrets can help you achieve the perfect makeup look for your wedding, a night out, or any other occasion when you want to feel like a queen. In the arid desert climate of Ancient Egypt, kohl was used to darken eyelashes and reduce watery eyes. As a result, they honed methods that we still do today. As we try different hues when making our own appearances, Egyptian make-up has become more diverse. If you have makeup cosmetics in your collection, you can generate many ideas to do different natural or shimmery glamours with colors and create new looks, it depends upon you that how you play with them, you can use eyeshadow pallets, concealer, blush and makeup brushes as well..

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