Eye of Horus Drawing, Art and Images

Eye of Horus Drawing, Art and Images


What does the eye of Horus look like ? 

Easy to recognize, this symbol has a almond shape, a curved line and a small blade in the form of a line. Ancient symbol of antique times, you can find it nowadays in logos, draws, and tattoos

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How to draw the eye of Horus step by step

The Eye of Horus, also known as Wadjet, is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection and good health.

Here's a step-by-step guide to drawing the Eye of Horus:

  1. Draw the outline of the eye of horus.

    • Begin with a gently curved horizontal line for the upper eyelid.
    • Next, from the left end of the top eyelid, draw a downward curve to form the tear duct.
    • For the lower eyelid, draw another slightly curved horizontal line below the upper eyelid. Provide some room between the two lines for the iris.
    • To finish the eye form, connect the right ends of the top and bottom eyelids with a gently upward curve.

      how to draw eye of horus Step 1

  2. Draw the iris and pupil.

    • Draw a huge circle for the iris in the region between the top and bottom eyelids.
    • Draw a smaller circle for the pupil inside the iris. Make certain that it is centered within the iris. Use black to fill in the pupil.

      how to draw eye of horus Step 2
  3. Add the eyebrow.

    • Following the contour of the eye, draw a thick, extended curve over the top eyelid. This is going to be the brow. The left brow should extend slightly beyond the tear duct, whereas the right brow should taper off.

  4. Draw the spiral marking.

    • Draw a little spiral form that curls outward and upward from the right end of the brow. This is the first of the stylised marks that go along with the Eye of Horus.

      how to draw eye of horus Step 3
  5. Add the falcon marking.

    • Extend a line outwards and slightly above from the spiral marking, then bend it downwards like a hook to produce the shape of a falcon's head.
    • Create the falcon's body by drawing a curve that extends from the bottom of the falcon's head form and links back to the lower eyelid.

  6. Draw the teardrop marking.

    • Draw a teardrop shape that points downward beneath the tear duct. This is the last marking on the Eye of Horus emblem.

      how to draw eye of horus Step 4

Images credit : https://artprojectsforkids.org/how-to-draw-egyptian-eyes/

In conclusion, drawing the Eye of Horus may seem like a daunting task at first, but with a little patience and attention to detail, anyone can create a stunning and meaningful piece of art.

By following these steps and incorporating your own unique style, you can create a truly eye-catching representation of this ancient symbol.Remember, when it comes to drawing the Eye of Horus, the devil is in the details!

How to choose colors for your eye of Horus Draw

Once you have finished your drawing, you can color it in with traditional Egyptian colors such as blue, gold, and green to make it look more authentic.

What is your purpose ? 

Consider the following variables while selecting colors for your Eye of Horus drawing:

Hue meanings: Each hue has its unique meaning in ancient Egyptian civilization. Blue indicates the sky, green represents the ground, and gold depicts the sun, for example. Colors with particular importance to you or those you believe symbolize the traits you wish to attract into your life might be chosen.

The drawing style: If you are sketching a classic Eye of Horus, you should utilize colors that are true to the original sign. However, if you want to be more creative, you can choose any colors you like.

The effect you want to achieve: The colors you use may have a significant impact on the overall look of your work. If you want to create a relaxing and pleasant artwork, use soft, subdued colors. If you want a more colorful and eye-catching drawing, use brighter, more saturated colors.

Traditional colors meaning

In ancient Egypt, the Eye of Horus was often depicted using specific colors, each of which had its own symbolic significance. Here are the traditional colors used for the Eye of Horus, along with their meanings:

  • Blue: This color represented the sky and water. It was also associated with the god Amun and symbolized fertility.

    Blue Eye of Horus Design
  • Gold: The sun and the deity Ra were both connected with gold.It represented deity, might, and infinity.

    Gold Eye of Horus Design
  • Green: This color indicated fresh life and development and was connected with greenery. It was also linked with Osiris, the afterlife deity.
    Green eye of Horus Draw
  • Black: Black was associated with death and the underworld. It was also linked to the goddess Isis.
  • Red: The color red was connected with the deity Set and symbolized wrath, rage, and chaos.
    Red Eye of Horus

Colors examples 

Here are some color schemes for your Eye of Horus design that you might use:

  • A typical Eye of Horus using blue for the eye, white for the brow, and gold for the rest of the design.
  • A more imaginative Eye of Horus in vibrant hues like as red, orange, and yellow.
  • A monochrome Eye of Horus in various colours of blue, blue-green, and green.
  • A black and white Horus Eye with no color.

Finally, the best method to choose colors for your Eye of Horus artwork is to trust your instincts and select colors that appeal to you. There are no correct or incorrect answers, so have fun and play until you discover a combination you enjoy.

Your Eye of Horus artwork will be a beautiful and significant piece of art regardless of the colors you use.

Examples of Eye of Horus Design for Logo

Eye of horus Dribble Logo

 Eye of Horus Logo 1

Image credit : https://dribbble.com/shots/2789530-Eye-of-Horus

Eye of Horus Abstract logo

Eye of Horus Abstract Logo monogram

Image credit : https://dribbble.com/shots/15713950-EYE-OF-HORUS-ABSTRACT-MONOGRAM 

Eye of Horus all seeing eye logo 

Eye of Horus all seeing Eye logo

Image credit : https://pixabay.com/illustrations/the-all-seeing-eye-eye-of-horus-3828497/ 


Eye of Horus and the golden ratio

According to some beliefs, the eye of Horus was created using the golden ratio. To date, however, there is no proof that the eye of Horus has any association with the golden ratio.

However, the golden ratio may be seen in the proportions of various Egyptian and Greek structures. This may lead us to believe that some ancient individuals were aware of this algorithm.

Also, keep in mind that the eye of Horus symbolized a set of fractions (from 1/2 to 1/64), as well as the five senses. To understand more, please read our articles on this topic.

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