Eye of Horus : Left or Right ?

Eye of Horus : Left or Right ?

Ready to be fascinated and confused by the mesmerizing Eye of Horus, a symbol that has captivated humans for generations!

The Left Eye

This cryptic sign named Eye of Horus, also known as the "udjat" denoted the left eye and was strongly tied with the moon, magic, and mystery.

But hold on, there's more!

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Eye of Horus the same as Eye of Ra?

In contrast, the Eye of Ra signifies the right eye and is strongly associated with the sun, a symbol of strength and supremacy.

At first look, the two eyes appear identical, but make no mistake: they are different and independent beings, each with their own unique abilities and qualities.

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Which Way Does the Eye of Horus Face?

So what's the deal with the orientation of the Eye of Horus, you ask?

Well, according to tradition, the Eye of Horus faces towards the right, symbolizing the eastern horizon where the sun rises to signal the dawn of a new day.

However, don't be fooled by such conventional beliefs - modern interpretations of the symbol may portray it facing in all sorts of wild and unpredictable directions, adding to its mystique and allure.

The Eye of Horus is thought to have mysterious abilities that allow it to see everything, from sunrise to sunset. Others think that possessing it will bring them protection, good health, and wealth, making it a widely sought-after sign of good fortune.

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The myth behind the symbol

Not to mention the interesting legend surrounding the Eye of Horus, which relates the story of Horus's left eye being ripped out during a furious fight with his evil uncle Set.


But don't worry, since the deity Thoth intervened and used his magical abilities to repair Horus' eye, returning it to its former beauty. As a result, the Eye of Horus became a powerful symbol of healing and restoration, imbued with mystical energies that continue to captivate and enchant to this day.

So there you have it: the Eye of Horus, a symbol that has long fascinated and perplexed humans.

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