Eye of Horus Meaning : Hidden Secrets of a Spiritual Symbol

Eye of Horus Meaning : Hidden Secrets of a Spiritual Symbol


The Eye of Horus meaning is deep and has several significant variations. Here are a few examples:

  • This spiritual symbol has a rich history of ancient Egyptian mythology. It is often associated with protection, health, and prosperity, and represents wisdom, insight, and foresight.
  • According to Egyptian mythology, Seth tore into six pieces the eye of Horus. Each of these pieces represents one of the five senses, with the sixth piece representing thought. Hathor restored the eye of Horus, which came to symbolize the healing process and making whole.
  • The symbol was often used in amulets and was believed to have the power to ward off evil spirits and protect its wearer.
  • We believe the Eye of Horus to have a spiritual significance for healing. Some believing that the symbol can transfer energy to a sick person to help them recover.
  • In dreams, the Eye of Horus may show that one needs to turn inward for healing or other emotional support in their life.
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The Amazing Myth of Horus and Set

The Eye of Horus is derived from Set and Osiris' myth. Osiris was believed to be the King of Egypt by the ancient Egyptians, and his brother Set was the throne challenger. As a result, Set murdered his brother and became the new king through trickery. Isis used magic to temporarily resurrect her husband, Osiris.

Osiris became the Underworld god, and Isis raised Horus on her own. Avenging the death of his father was a priority for Horus as he reached adulthood. Set defeated Horus in a series of battles and eventually vanquished his uncle. One of his eyes was lost during these struggles.

Horus and Osiris
Horus and Osiris

According to one version of the myth, Set ripped Horus's eye out and threw it away. Another version tells that Horus himself wentuged his eye out, as a sacrifice to bring his father back from the dead in another version.

Horus' lost eye was magically restored by either Hathor (often regarded as her consort) or Thoth, the god of wisdom. Horus gave his eye to Osiris, whose renewing power kept him alive in the afterlife.

Ancient Egyptians believed it to be useful for healing. (Source: www.ancient-origins.net)

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Magic Using

In ancient times, this symbol was used to counter evil forces and restore balance in life.

It was associated with burial gifts, as well as all deity offerings made in the temple ceremony.

Some might interpret it as a concept, such as the moon, whose waxing and waning were associated with eye damage.

This symbol was a powerful tool for healing wounds or restoring order to chaotic situations. It has been made from a variety of materials, including gold, lapis lazuli, and carnelian, and speaks of the living and the dead.

egyptian priest doing magic ritual
Ancient egyptian priest doing magic ritual

Healing Uses

Egyptian medicine involved both practical treatments and rituals that invoked divine powers, and Egyptian medical papyri do not distinguish between them. Healing rituals often equate patients with Horus so that it may heal them as Horus used to be.

Thus, the Eye of Horus is frequently mentioned in such spells. According to the Hearst papyrus, for instance, the physician performing the ritual is Thoth.

A text called Papyrus Leiden I 348 links each part of a person's body with a deity in order to protect it. They regard a left eye as the Eye of Horus. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

The Magical texts of papyrus Leiden I 348
The Magical texts of papyrus Leiden I 348

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Deeper Spiritual Meaning

Ankh With the Eye of Horus Meaning

It is a mix of an ancient Egyptian symbol of life and health (ankh) , paired with the protection (Eye of Horus). It was thought to offer strength and healing.

In hieroglyphics, the Ankh symbol symbolized the word "life". Among its properties were protection and health restoration. The combination of the two symbols implies a desire for a long, healthy, and safe life.

Ankh cross with eye of horus

It harkens back to the ancient Egyptians' myths in the afterlife and the value of living a good life.

Today, this sign is popular in jewelry, tattoos, and artwork, serving as a reminder of Egyptian culture's everlasting principles.

Pyramid With the Eye of Horus Meaning

The Eye of Horus painted on a pyramid represents the pharaoh's protection and might.

He was thought to be Horus's divine representation on Earth.

The pyramid itself represents :

  • Stability
  • Durability
  • The authority of the pharaoh over life and death

Eye of Horus With Wings

It represents the Eye, protection and royal authority symbol, with wings, which symbolize freedom and the capacity to fly. This merged sign symbolizes a spiritual ascent, protection, and liberty.

 Eye of Horus With Wings
Eye of horus with wings showing the way

Dream Meaning

General Key Signification

Seeing Horus on a statuette or illustration in a dream signifies you're in the middle of inner transformation.

He might be seen in dreams as an eye or a solar disc with hawk-like wings. This Egyptian god may appear to anybody, whether they are Egyptian. He incites battles between the forces of light and darkness. He is the eye of justice, watching over the enforcement of God's rules over men.

It compels us to expose ourselves to the natural laws written in each of us.

We shall face the test that will force us to start from darkness to light. During an initiatory time, we see him in a dream.

Dreaming of Eye of Horus

Specific Dreams Interpretation

Seeing the eye of Horus in a dream may have several interpretations :

  • Dreaming about Horus's eye may show justice will reach your aid.
  • Horus's eye is the only one capable of seeing into the unseen. Dreams in which this passage is pictured frequently result from a life reflection, from an eschatological perspective. They represent a sense of life after life, of a world beyond this one.
  • You can be betrayed. Maybe the betrayal comes from a trusted friend. Having to fight this fight will be painful. Trust your ability to understand people. Focus on your discernment and do not put everyone in the same bag. Trusted and straight people who only want you to feel happy also surrounded you. However, you can discuss this issue with this person in order to get back on track.
  • You might face a fight at work. It may cause stress and make you irritable. Take a step back and try to find a quiet and wise alternative.
  • When dreaming of having the eye of Horus, reveal that you are very hard with your companions. You may be wild if you dream of the eye of Horus. A person won't get close to you, and this could dissuade some dates from coming up.
  • If you are experiencing romance, dreaming of having an eye of Horus shows you are not sure how you feel. Questions are many, but you can never get answers. You should stop your habits and let yourself be surprised to get back to your self-confidence. You should have more liberty or you will die. (Source: dreamyobsession.com)


The dream of the eye of Horus represents your inner self. Indeed, the eyes reflect the soul, and this is the area they occupy in our unconscious consciousness.

Our unconscious mind needs dreams to communicate with us. Dream interpretation is frequently used by psychologists in their therapy. It is a widely accepted method of assisting customers in resolving their problems.

Each component of your dream about the Eye of Horus is significant. Cross-referencing information is required to get the correct interpretation.

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Eye of Horus and Ra Meaning

In ancient Egyptian iconography, the combination of the Eye of Horus and Ra shows a balance of protection, strength, and life-giving energy.

The Eye of Horus denotes protection, healing, and restoration. The Eye of Ra represents the authority of the sun deity Ra, as well as the sun's life-giving vitality.

Eye of Ra and Eye of Horus Differences

These two symbols, when combined, represent a harmonic balance of strength and compassion, making them a potent sign of unification and spiritual equilibrium. Horus and Ra's eyes are frequently employed as symbols of protection, power, and good health in Egyptian art. These symbols remain important in current Egyptian culture and spirituality, and they provide witness to Egypt's rich history.


Hidden Left and Right Meaning

Left Eye of Horus Meaning

It simply means healing.

The left eye reflects the moon. It reflects the god's capacity to bring light into the darkness and heal the ill.

Horus, Egyptian Hor, Horo, Her, or Heru, was a falcon-headed deity in ancient Egyptian mythology . His left eye represented moonlight or evening star.

Right Eye Meaning

On the right is not Horus' eye, but Ra's eye. Both are often confused.

In Egyptian mythology, the "Eye of Ra" signifies the sun, the morning Star, might, and protection. It is also related to the notion of divine monarchy and is frequently shown as a sign of godly offerings and sacrifices.

Colors Meaning

The Eye of Horus is depicted in different colors, but some of the most common ones are:

  • Gold or yellow, which represents the sun.
  • Black, which represents the pupil of the eye.
  • Red, which represents the blood that was shed by Horus.

Upside Down Eye of Horus Meaning

When shown upside down, it might show the mirror image, god sacrifices, or chaos. It can also represent the destruction of the Eye idea or the downfall of the deity Horus. However, an upside-down Eye of Horus is not a used sign in most circumstances, and its meaning may vary depending on context.


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