What is the Eye of Horus ?

What is the Eye of Horus ?

Eye of Horus Definition

It is a very well-known symbol that everyone around the world saw at least one time. But what is the eye of Horus?

The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of :

  • protection
  • royal power
  • good health

It is one of the most well-known symbols in Egyptian culture, and it may be seen in myths, art and hieroglyphic writings.

It mostly represents the goddess Wadjet, and ancient Egyptians often referred to it as the Udjat.

We commonly found it on the bow of ships and as funerary amulets for mummies to protect them.

There are rumors it was the inspiration for the RX symbol, but these are hard to prove.

We also often confused it with The Eye of Providence (the freemason "The All-Seeing Eye"),and "The Eye of Ra". Symbols originate from the Sun god Ra, who has the power to see all things.

The Sun Disk was just as likely to be used as a symbol to represent Ra's Eye, aside from the temples of the above gods.

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Eye of Horus Pronunciation

How to Pronounce the Eye of Horus in Ancient Egyptian Language

In the ancient Egyptian language, people pronounced the Eye of Horus: "udjat." (oo-djat), with the “oo” sound produced by narrowing the lips and blowing outward.

We also believe the pronunciation to have been like "weh-DJAT" with an emphasis on the "DJAT" sound. The "w" sounds like "u" in "bound", and the "a" like the "a" in "father".

However, remember that the pronunciation of ancient Egyptian words can be uncertain because of the lack of vowels in their writing system.

How Do You Pronounce Eye of Horus in English?

The typical pronunciation of "Eye of Horus" in English is :

  • "I" (as in the pronoun)
  • "uv" (as in "love")
  • "HOR-us" (with the emphasis on the second syllable).

It is often pronounced as "eye UV HOR us".

Eye of Horus Other Names

Several names also define the Eye of Horus:

  • Wadjet
  • Udjat
  • Ujat

The Original Eye of Horus

What Bird is Horus, an Eagle or a Falcon?

Egyptians usually depicted Horus in ancient Egyptian art as a falcon. Other times, they showed him as a human with a falcon head.

What Does the Falcon God Horus Represent?

Horus was a significant deity in Egyptian myths. He represented the sky, the sun, and kingship. They also worshipped him as the pharaoh's protector and the people's guardian.

Eye of Horus Art

Eye of Horus Facts

Video: Eye of Horus Explained Documentary by Jordan Peterson

There has been a surge of interest in the Eye of Horus in recent years, with many enthusiasts delving into its symbolism and meaning.

This video by Jordan Peterson explains the symbol and its significance in ancient Egyptian culture.

Jordan Peterson's documentary provides insight into the ancient Egyptian origins of Horus's eye. It explains the interpretation of it in modern culture and its various interpretations.

Bonus: Is the Eye of Horus Feminine?

As for whether the Eye of Horus is feminine, there are a few different interpretations. An important aspect of the symbol is that it represents the feminine aspect of the Falcon God Horus. Egyptians have linked this symbol to the goddess Isis, Horus' mother. Other interpretations see the symbol as an expression of power and protection, with no specific gender associated.

Whichever interpretation you choose, one thing is certain: the Eye of Horus has been a potent symbol throughout history. Its meaning has evolved throughout time, and its current application in popular culture attests to its enduring legacy.

In many people's hearts, the Eye of Horus holds a special place, whether it is feminine energy or a protective symbol. It is neither male nor feminine; rather, it is a strong and all-encompassing emblem of protection and healing.

Female Eye of Horus

Female eye of horus representation

Ancient Egyptians often referred the Female Eye of Horus to as the Eye of Hathor. This goddess was a guardian of mothers and children and was one of the most significant goddesses in Ancient Egypt.She was also associated with love, beauty, music, and joy. They depict the Eye of Hathor as a cobra-like creature with wings and a sun disk on its head.

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Now, you know what is the eye of Horus !


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