Is Ankh an electromagnetism tool ?

Is Ankh an electromagnetism tool ?

Conditions of the Ankh principles

You may wonder why Europeans do not use the electromagnetic power of the Ankh for their own purposes? Or how can an object so popular in the Nile Valley in Africa be virtually ignored in Europe? Well! Because Europeans lack melanin, which is one of the best organic semiconductors that acts as a wave detector (the sixth sense); and because without the electric skin, an Ankh is practically useless.

However, if the principles of the Ankh had naturally continued to be exploited thanks to melanin, our civilizations would certainly have given birth to many electronic gadgets similar to those used today thanks to this pigment present in the skin of people of color. This pigment is produced by the "Melanocytes" cells, then deposited in the epidermal tissues. These are both neuronal cells and are responsible for the production of melanin and many proteins in response to electromagnetic radiation.

Melanin production begins with the conversion of tyrosine by the copper-containing enzyme tyrosinase which catalyzes the conversion of amino acids (tyrosine). And it stabilizes the chemical structure of melanin where this metal ion acts as a backbone for the polymer of the pigment structure whose result forms a complex "Organometallic" composition, which is the only substance in the body, and which is qualified as an organic semiconductor.

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What is melanin ? 

Black and brown melanin granules are oval shaped and act like tiny primitive eyes to create a large neural network structure whose function is to absorb and decode electromagnetic waves. This is why the bodies of Black/African and all Black people, in general, contain massive amounts of melanocytes. These skin cells encode all life experiences as a data bank through the production of melanin, in order to create another reality even after the death of its host. This is why the representation of a higher state of life through the superconducting body of Ausar in his "Krs" (mummy) form explains both the reason for mummification. The purpose of mummification was to preserve the skin, which contains a neural network that can survive even after death, thanks to the composition of the melanin, whose conductivity increases with age. For this reason, we say that the energy of Tut-Ankh-Amon's mummy is much more alive on the spiritual level than ours, which we can consider by analogy as the difference of degrees of flammability between green trees (living) and Khm (carbon/charcoal).

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How does it work ? 

As an organometallic semiconductor, melanin has an energy deficit. This explains why the absorption of its energy is necessary for electrons to jump across the conduction band to make melanin a good conductor whose increased conductivity increases the sensitivity of this chemical substance to the electromagnetic world of etheric energies, astral projections and other spiritual entities. At low frequencies, the conductivity of melanin is infinitesimal; but at ultra-high frequencies (UHF), melanin becomes a superconductor where the maximum current flows only on the skin, due to the effect of the latter in front of the UHF resonance of this internal and external pigment.

The latter has the largest proportion in the human body and is responsible for the coordination, production and frequency of the proteins necessary for cell repair. Therefore, wherever there is a cell blockage or scarring, a deposit of melanin will appear on and around the area, functioning as a neurotransmitter in coordination with the production of pro-melanocytes for the repair of damaged DNA.

Today, knowledge of the medicinal value of melanin has been purposely suppressed by the medical establishment to be essentially studied, analyzed and then used in secret to deny the ancient chronological and peaceful supremacy of those naturally possessing this substance in abundance. In addition, one of the most damaging major attacks on African health has been the promotion of the consumption of albino pets in our eating habits. In fact, it is important to know that in the subconscious of most Europeans, only albino types of animals, i.e. white, pink or yellow in color, are fully considered domesticated or consumable.

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For example, sheep, rabbits, cows, laboratory mice, geese, etc. Or animals with pink pigment like pigs or yellow color like chickens whose lack of tyrosinase in these albino animals are now recognized to be clearly responsible for many new diseases in people of African origin and premature aging among others.

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